Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiger Town

Welcome to Delco, Tiger.

Yes, the man who most agree is the world’s greatest golfer – at least before his life imploded in a series of sex scandals – is here in Delaware County this week.

In fact, he’s probably stalking the fairways at Aronimink Golf Club as I write this. Wood was due for a practice round early this morning.

Woods and the rest of the PGA Tour is in Delco for the AT&T Classic, which will be held the next couple of years at the swanky, ultra-private Newtown links. It benefits Woods’ foundation.

Woods is expected to meet with the media this afternoon. We’ll be there to cover it. I’m sending Gil Spencer to the press conference.

It’s ironic that Woods would be in the headlines as he returns to competition after taking months off during his freefall in a series of sex scandals that took him from the sports pages to the gossip pages.

At one time, Woods blazed another kind of trail. He was a beacon for African-American golfers, who have traditionally struggled with access to golf, especially when it comes to the PGA Tour.

Aronimink once lost out on an opportunity to host a Major – the PGA – because it did not have a black member.

The course would not bend its rules to move some black applicants up the list. Instead, they decided they could live without the PGA.

They now have several minority members.

They also will have something else. They will have the eyes of the golfing world – and much of the rest of it – fixed on Aronimink as one of the most recognizable faces in the world stalks their pristine fairways.

Here then is the question of the day. Is Woods today known more for his exploits off the course than on it?

I’m a Woods fan. Always have been. I would love to see him win this tournament this weekend. He’s only played so-so since coming back. He was in contention at both the Masters and U.S. Open, but I never got the feeling that he was really going to win.

Maybe that will change this weekend.

And Delco will be front and center.


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