Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Daily Numbers for Tuesday, April 22

The Daily Numbers: 2 grads of the prestigious Haverford School charged with running a huge drug ring with the aim of taking over the illegal drug trade in high schools on the Main Line as well as several local colleges.

25 and 18, age of the suspected kingpins, both of whom were lacrosse players at Haverford and then dropped out of college.

9 others, including 2 juveniles, busted as their sub-dealers, who would push drugs in the high schools.

35,000 a year, how much it costs to attend Haverford School.

8 pounds of marijuana found during a search of the suspects’ homes.

3 grams of hash oil.

23 grams of cocaine.

11 grams of MDMA.

11,000 dollars in cash.

3 guns, including an AR-15 rifle.

0 rate hike being sought by SEPTA in their general operating budget for next year.

20 percent increase in ridership on Media/Elwyn regional rail line, one of the reasons it’s being targeted for upgrades by SEPTA.

11,000 passengers who use the line every day.

75 counts of harassment filed against a part-time Colwyn police officer charged in connection with stalking his ex-fiancee.

3.85 million dollar sale price for the landmark Upper Darby Professional Center on Market Street.

25,000 dollars in damages done by vandals on the Penn State York campus.

40.71 point hike for the stock market yesterday.

1 or 2 dollars a month fee hike being considered by Netflix.

3 straight starts for Ray Emery, who will be back between pipes tonight for Flyers, subbing for injured starter Steve Mason.

7-0 win for the Phillies behind Cliff Lee last night vs. Dodgers.

10 strikeouts recorded by Lee, who retired 21 of last 22 batters he faced through 8 innings of work.

38 strikeouts so far this year for Lee, with just 2 walks.

5 home runs for Ryan Howard, who went yard again last night.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Anyone know exactly what an “upper body injury” is. Whatever it is, it is keeping Steve Mason on the sidelines for the Flyers. It’s up to Ray Emery now.

I Don’t Get It: Not exactly sure what these Main Line hotshots were thinking in terms of running this drug enterprise. What? They didn’t think anyone would notice?

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the Montco D.A. and law enforcement for taking down this preppie drug magnates.

Quote Box: “We will crush it. Once you go tax free it’s hard to go back.”

- Suspected Main Line drug ring leader Tim Brooks, in text to his partner.

A Delco guy meets the president

One of the things I like the most about social media is the ability to make connections I otherwise would miss. It also allows me to 'connect' with people and places from my past.

That's how I 'connected' with Tina Zuzek. It turns out she grew up in the same little town I did out in Chester County. But she now lives here in Delco. Her son, a football player, attends the Naval Academy. We connected last year when she alerted me to her son's appearance in the Army-Navy game. Joe is a standout offensive lineman.

Here is a small confession. One of my great laments in my life is that I did not pursue the chance to go to the Naval Academy. We had a congressman, John Ware, who actually lived in our town and likely would have written a letter of recommendation. But I was a young knucklehead, and didn't think it was 'cool' to be a midshipman. What a dunce.

But I've always been a Navy fan, at least in part out of that missed opportunity, and the fact that my dad was a sailor.

Tina noticed that I was often wrote about Oxford in my column and blog, and we connected. That's how we wound up doing a story on her son.

Last week she contacted me again.

Joe was making news again.

That's him with President Obama in the picture accompanying this blog.

The Naval Academy team visited the White House and met with President Obama on Friday to accept the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy for the ninth time in 11 seasons.

A couple of other Delco guys, Mike Huf from Drexel Hill, and Lonnie Richardson from Chester, also were on hand for the event. His family and friends apparently call Joe 'Jake.'

I hope he doesn't mind if I do as well.

He did Delco proud.

As well as his mom's - and a certain newspaper editor's - home town.

Well done, Jake.

The Flyers, Steve Mason & dreaded "upper body injury"

What exactly is an "upper body injury?"

Inquiring minds - probably belonging to Flyers fans - want to know.

Starting goaltender Steve Mason will not be between the pipes again tonight when the Flyers return home to face the Rangers in Game 3 of their opening Stanley Cup playoff series. The Flyers, behind Ray Emery, evened the series and wrested home-ice advantage from the Rangers with a gutty come-from-behind 4-2 win on Sunday.

Immediately after the game the talk turned to who would be in goal when the series resumed tonight at the Wells Fargo Center.

We didn't have to wait long. Mason announced Monday that he would not be able to go. Here's Rob Parent's report.

But exactly what is ailing the goaltender is not exactly clear.

As is their custom, the Flyers are keeping this kind of information top secret, announcing only that Mason is in fact suffering from the aforementioned "upper body injury."

Mason got involved in a pileup and banged his head on the ice during the last week of the regular season.

Is he suffering a concussion?

We don't know. No one is saying. Not the Flyers. Certainly not Mason.

There is the temptation to simply say that he is, then let the team deny it if they want.

Flyers fans are among the most passionate around. They simply live and die with this team. Year in and year out they fill the Wells Fargo Center, playoffs or no playoffs.

Seems like a lousy way to treat them when it comes to injuries.

The truth is they deserve better than what the Flyers are giving them.

For now, they will be to settle for the dreaded "upper body injury."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Daily Numbers for Monday, April 21

The Daily Numbers: 1-1 deadlock between the Rangers and Flyers after the Orange & Black rallied for 4-2 win yesterday.

2-0 deficit for Flyers early in 2nd period. Raise your hand if you turned the game off and focused on the Easter ham at that point?

3 people, a woman and two juveniles, charged in last week’s home invasion in Chester.

36, age of man intentionally run down early Saturday in Collingdale.

2nd hit-run case to make headlines in Collingdale in last month. An earlier fatal hit-run remains unsolved. 1 person of interest police want to talk to in connection with the latest incident.

2 suspects charged in rash of car-break-ins at Planet Fitness in Upper Darby.

1 year, how long Melissa Rodriguez has been missing. Her family continues to wait for answers.

76, age of former prizefighter Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, who died this weekend. He became famous for being wrongly convicted of murder.

10 percent tax on natural gas extraction being proposed by Pa. Dem guv candidate Rob McCord.

5 percent levy backed by GOP Senate candidate Tom McGarrigle.

5 million dollar tax bill now for Harrah’s in Chester now that it no longer enjoys tax-free status as part of Keystone Opportunity Zone.

218 million dollar assessment on their property on the Chester waterfront.

10 million dollars, how much Harrah’s gave to city of Chester last year under their licensing deal.

5 million to Delaware County.

2.9 cent increase in price of gallon of gas across the region last week.

22.9 cents per gallon higher than this week last year.

4/20, yes that was yesterday’s date. It’s also the date many celebrate the benefits of marijuana.

3 killed, 260 injured in last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.

100 video cameras now installed along the marathon route.

36,000 runners signed up for today’s race.

10-9 win for the Phillies yesterday.

4 hits for Ryan Howard.

5 saves in 6 chances now for Jonathan Papelbon.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Raise your hand in you had written off the Flyers after they fell behind 2-0 yesterday? Yeah, me too.

I Don’t Get It: Police now have a person of interest in a Collingdale case in which they say a driver was lying in wait, then ran down a man when he exited his home early Saturday.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Boston today. Still Boston strong.

Quote Box: “But we also don’t want to have it, you know, kind of a race through a militarized zone. So it’s about striking a balance, and I think we have struck that balance.”

- Mass. Gov. Delval Patrick, on preparations for today’s Boston Marathon.

All eyes on Boston

The nation will focus its eyes on Boston today.

As one public official stated yesterday, it likely will be the safest city in the world today. And with good reason.

It was one year ago that we were reminded that terror is in fact an every-day thing, something we now live with on a daily basis.

It's something I now think of when I'm in crowds, or when a I see someone carrying a backpack.

I don't live my life looking over my shoulder, but I am certainly aware of my surroundings in ways that I never used to be.

It's now part of our lives.

Confessions of a bad high school athlete

A lifetime ago, I was a high school athlete.

I have often said that I learned as much about life from my teammates and experiences on a bad football team than I did in any of my classes.

My thoughts on that topic haven't changed, although my aching body, including the fact that I can no longer throw a ball overhand due to one specific football injury, now questions the wisdom of playing football at 115 pounds soaking wet.

I collected more X-rays than victories in high school.

But I would love to be able to go back and revisit some of those games.

Luckily, kids here in Delco don't have that dilemma.

The reason why is revealed in today's print column. That's me, No. 12, seated front center.

Cast your vote now, Flyers fans: Ray Emery or Steve Mason

Raise your hand if you had written the Flyers. C'mon, you know who you are.

The losers of eight straight games in Madison Square Garden, the Flyers were looking up from a 2-0 hole early in Sunday's Game Two of their opening Stanley Cup playoff tilt vs. the Rangers.

Fans already were saying, 'See you Tuesday night' and preparing to tackle the Easter ham when a wondrous thing happened. The Flyers looked deep inside themselves and rallied for an improbably 4-2 win to even the series at one game apiece and swipe the home-ice advantage.

They play again Tuesday night.

You can get all the details on Game Two from Rob Parent here and columnist Jack McCaffery here.

The Flyers now face a most interesting dilemma. Steve Mason was held out of Game Two with lingering issues from the infamous "upper body injury," according to the Flyers, who keep their injury reports a lot more secure than all that data gathered by the NSA.

Ray Emery played well in Thursday night's Game One loss, but was outstanding in stopping 31 Rangers shots yesterday. So is there a goalie controversy? Mason may be ready to roll Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center. But do the Flyers interrupt the mojo they are building behind Emery.

For Emery, this is a bit of deja vu, all over again, but in reverse.

Last year he went 17-0-1 for the Blackhawks but found himself on the bench in favor of Corey Crawford, who led Chicago to a Stanley Cup crown.

So let's see a show of hands. Emery or Mason? Post a comment with your vote.