Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse darkened skies, but brightened our mood

Don't go by me because I'm a noted grouch who did not put much stock in the Great Eclipse of 2017.

But is it just me or did yesterday's spectacular event - with the moon blotting out the sun - turning day into night, cause us to come together and lift our mood.

After a week spent ruminating the fallout from Charlottesville and race relations in America, it was a welcome respite.

I hope you take the time to read our coverage of the many events held across Delaware County.

And make sure you notice one thing in particular.

All the smiles on those faces.

Nice to see

The perfect legacy for Bianca Roberson

On our editorial page today, we again try to make sense, to explain, what is basically unexplainable.

What happened on Route 100 in West Goshen on June 28 defies any kind of common sense.

The life of Bianca Roberson, a recent Rustin High School graduate, was snuffed out in a moment of madness.

Perhaps it is fitting that her lasting legacy will be an initiative started in her memory at Jacksonville University, where she would have started classes as part of the Class of 2021 this week.

It is a simple idea, really.

Doing kind deeds. It's called Just Be Kind.

That sums up Bianca perfectly.

You can read our editorial here.

Monday, August 21, 2017

How far have we come on race?

You don't have to go to Charlottesville to realize this country still faces serious problems when it comes to race.

All you have to do is visit DelcoTimes.com

I explain it today in my weekly Letter From the Editor print column.

I also detail one of the best experiences of my life, one that taught me lessons I have tried to live up the past five decades.

It has to do with how you treat people and how you would like to be treated.

And I learned them on the campus of Lincoln University.

Why was that experience so important? I explain it here, and I wish that every person could have just a small sliver of this type of minority experience.

I think we'd be light years ahead of where we are today, instead of still confronting this same old demons.

It's time to talk about race

On our editorial page today, we continue the discussion we've had for much of last week about race relations in America.

We salute the many community rallies held across the region, in towns like Media, Swarthmore, Phoenixville and Pottstown.

Many elected officials chimed in, rejecting hate and bigotry.

That is where the change this country needs is going to happen.

Don't look to the White House.

Look to your own house.

Look across the kitchen table.

Yes, it's time to have that talk.

One of the things clearly noticeable in the troubling scenes emanating from Charlottesville was the age of those involved.

Racism and bigotry is no longer something your "crazy uncle" displays.

More likely it is your son.

You can read our editorial here.

It's Sun-Day

Just in case you were wondering, yes, it's Eclipse Day.

Or, as our front page gently reminds us - Sun-Day!

I have to admit I don't really get this. I don't have any special glasses. I am not planning to go outside to check this thing out. I realize I'm in the minority here.

So by all means, don't let me ruin your fun.

And if you can't get out - or if you're like me and you're not really that into it, you can check out live feed of the official NASA video of the eclipse here.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fighting fire with fire in Delco

On our editorial page today, we take a look at the many ways that the echoes from Charlottesville are reverberating hundreds of miles away here in Delaware County.

It started with people carrying tiki torches and marching through the streets of that Virginia college town chanting racist slogans such as 'Blood and Soil.'

Some folks here in Delaware County decided to fight fire with fire.

They lit candles in a prayer service for unity to to stop the hate.

They were not the only ones taking action.

You can read our editorial here.

A new era at Penn State Brandywine - 1st dorm opens

If your son or daughter went off for their first day at Penn State Brandywine yesterday and didn't come home - don't panic. They made a little history at the Middletown campus yesterday.

The first group of students who will live on campus moved into a brand, spanking new dorm, the first on-campus residence in the school's history.

Nearly 250 students took part in that annual rite of heading off to college - move-in day - yesterday, hauling their prized earthly possessions into their new digs.

You can get all the details here.

Which brings back this memory. I am guessing not many massive stereos, complete with receiver, turntable and massive speakers, along with several crates full of albums, were being carried into that dorm.

Kids today have no idea what they're missing.

Is it just me, or does it just not seem the same when all that sound is coming from your phone and a tiny wireless speaker.

Try putting that up in the window of your dorm to entertain the party in the quad down below.

Yes, I'm old.