Friday, November 27, 2015

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Black Friday for Eagles fans

It's Black Friday for Eagles' fans, too.

Just when you thought it could not get any worse after last week embarrassing blowout loss to the Bucs, the Birds traveled to Detroit and turned into turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

The Eagles were overmatched by the Lions in every aspect of the season, getting a second-straight drubbing, this time on national TV.

I thought Chip Kelly needed to send a message to this team a couple of weeks ago. Now it might be too late.

But it still would be nice to see if the coach does something today, other than spout the same, tired remarks about his team, which is giving every indication of having bailed on their coach.

I thought Kelly should have released wide receiver Miles Austin after that loss to the Dolphins after it appeared he did not exactly give a great effort of several balls.

Then after their defense got undressed last week by the Bucs, I thought Kelly might put defensive coordinator Billy Davis' head on a platter.

Intead the defiant coach insisted he had a very good football team and would not be making any roster changes, in part because of the short work week.

How did that work out?

It might be too late for Kelly to take action now.

For the first time, after yesterday's humbling loss, he looked pretty much like his team, at a loss to explain how this debacle happened. Kelly need only look in the mirror. He's the guy who won the power struggle with Howie Roseman and took over complete control of the roster and personnel decisions. His fingerprints are all over the roster decisions that turned a 10-6 team into this dreck.

Now Kelly needs to deliver a message.

His team already did yesterday.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Dreaded Saturday Eagles Pick (Turkey Day Edition)

That massive case of indigestion about to descend on the region has nothing to do with turkey and all the fixings.

This Bird is fowl all right, and I don’t see it getting any better today.

The Eagles’ effort last week vs. the Buccaneers - on their home turf - was inexcusable. It had all the markings of a team that had bailed on their coach. You never want to use the word ‘quit,’ but this one had all the markings of it. Mark Sanchez, in for concussed Sam Bradford, continued his career-long turnover act. It appears as if Sanchez gets the call today, which should be welcome news in Detroit.

On defense, the Birds were savaged by rookie quarterback Jameis Winston. Matthew Stafford should be able to at least match that effort.

Should the Eagles pull out a win, incredibly they could pull themselves right back into the race in the NFC Least. I don’t see it happening.

I have picked the Eagles every week this year. I’ve been a huge proponent of Chip Kelly, and the moves he’s made as general manager. No longer. This thing has the look of an implosion looking for a place to happen.

It continues today in Detroit.

A reason for thanks? Not for Iggles fans.

The Pick: Make it Lions 23, Eagles 16. This thing looks like it’s coming apart at the seams. I think Sanchez plays, and he showed me nothing to make me believe he is not the turnover machine he has been for most of his career. Don’t let it ruin your holiday feast.

Last Week: The Eagles scored on the opening drive of the game, then allowed the Bucs to run all over them. The Linc was three-quarters empty by the start of the fourth quarter.

Season Record: 4-6. That goes for both the Eagles and my prognostications. That changes today. One of us will win, one will lose. I am hoping the Eagles will prove me wrong. That is with my heart. My head says Detroit escapes with the win.

Game by Game: Falcons 26, Eagles 24. (My Pick: Eagles 37, Falcons 26)

Cowboys 20, Eagles 10 (My Pick: Eagles 31, Cowboys 26)

Eagles 24, Jets 17. (My Pick: Eagles 27, Jets 23)

Redskins 23, Eagles 20. (My Pick: Eagles 26, Redskins 13)

Eagles 39, Saints 17. (My Pick: Eagles 23, Saints 13)

Eagles 27, Giants 7. (My Pick: Eagles 27, Giants 16)

Panthers 27, Eagles 16 (My Pick: Eagles 26, Panthers 23)

Eagles 33, Cowboys 27 OT (My Pick: Eagles 23, Cowboys 13)

Dolphins 20, Eagles 19 (My Pick: Eagles 33, Dolphins 16)

Bucs 45, Eagles 17 (My Pick: Eagles 17, Buccaneers 16)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, Nov. 25

The Daily Numbers: 1 year less a day, to 2 years less a day, the sentence for convicted child abuser and former teacher Paul Hochschwender. The D.A.’s office has lost a fight over early release for Hochschwender.

97 years after his death, a priest from Holy Saviour Parish in Lower Chi is placed in a final resting place.

0 losses for the undefeated Chester Panthers 8-Under football team, which is hoping to get to Florida for a national tourney.

38 students who visited the hospital after a bus crash in Chester. No serious injuries were recorded.

5 cars damaged when leaves ignited in a parking lot at Delaware County Community College.

1 state trooper shot and 2 teens in custody in a wild chase and shootout on the Vine Street Expressway yesterday in Philly.

0, how much Bucks County officials say they will remit to the state until a new budget plan is in place.

300 dollars less expected to be spent by holiday shoppers in the Philadelphia region this year.

18 percent drop in holiday spending is being forecast.

1,532 dollars, what average shopper spent last year.

1,249 likely being shelled out this year.

1,462, what average shopper will spend nationally.

1921, when Haverford and Upper Darby first started playing their traditional Thanksgiving Day football game.

93 years of tradition between the two teams.

1967, the last time the two teams collided on Turkey Day with the Central League crown on the line.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

I don’t blame Lane Johnson for his foolish comments about Philly fans yesterday. I blame Chip Kelly. The team is developing its’ coach’s churlish personality.

I Don’t Get It: Black Friday. Never got it. Never will.

Today’s Upper
: Kudos to the Upper Darby and Haverford communities, which are not only embracing their holiday football tradition, but using the game as a way to raise money for a great cause as well.

Quote Box: “It’s a dream come true and the only way it can get much bigger is if we have ‘High School GameDay with Lee Corse.”

- Haverford QB Jack Donaghy, on Thursday’s huge holiday match with Upper Darby.

It's Upper Darby vs. Haverford, the tradition continues

Forget the Eagles.

At least for one day.

Thanksgiving belongs to high school football. And here in Delaware County, we will be serving up a special holiday treat. Upper Darby and Haverford will collide tomorrow in their traditional Turkey Day contest, only this time there is a little extra incentive. The Central League football crown will be on the line.

As you might expect, we will have full team coverage of what is being called perhaps the biggest Thanksgiving Day game in Delco history. And yes, that is saying something.

Today in sports, Matt Smith previews the big game. Make sure you check it out at our home for high school sports,

Columnist Matt DeGeorge takes a look at the last time the two teams met with this much on the line. Then in tomorrow's holiday edition (which will actually hit the streets later today), we delve into the way both the Upper Darby and Haverford communities are rallying around this huge game.

Don't miss this special holiday edition of the Daily Times, which also will be packed with all the circulars you will need to kick off your Black Friday shopping.

Oh, and one other thing:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Fans deliver a message to Eagles, Lane Johnson

Welcome to Philadelphia, Lane Johnson.

The Eagles offensive lineman is the latest athlete to learn that you are on very dangerous ground when you start ripping the fans. That is especially true when you are 4-6 and just got your backside kicked up between your shoulder blades by the Tampa Bay Bucs. Yes, the team got booed.

Here's a couple of questions for Johnson. When is the last time you forked over 40 bucks to park to get into a football game? And this after likely shelling out 100 dollars or more to get into Jeffrey Lurie's playpen. Add in the perfunctory trinkets, food and drink and you have a fairly expensive day.

Then you are treated to the display the Eagles put on Sunday?

Yes, you are going to get booed.

Fans in this town wear their passion on their sleeves, and they're not shy about delivering a message to players when they don't like what they see.

And nothing will get under these fans' skin more than the impression that players are not giving their all, which is certainly what that act looked like on Sunday.

Johnson came to his senses, or least someone in Lurie's PR offices did, and quickly made the talk-show rounds to offer an apology and indicate he wasn't talking about the end of the game, but rather the fans who were letting the team have it when the game was still 7-7.

Actually, it appears as if maybe this team is developing the personality of its coach.


Kelly's act - especially that staccato deliver of his that gives the impression he could care less - is wearing thin. It's tolerable when you're going 10-6. But when you're 4-6 and looking like the team is checking out on the coach, it doesn't fly.

Luckily, the Eagles are working on a short week. They can resolve all of this by going out there and thumping the Lions in a Thanksgiving Day special in Detroit. A win would put them right back into the playoff hunt.

A loss, and the prospect of then facing the undefeated Patriots?

Well, Lane Johnson may want to cover his ears.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Daily Numbers for Tuesday, Nov. 24

The Daily Numbers: 696,000 dollars, how much a man admitted to stealing from the Collingdale firm where he worked to fuel his gambling habit.

399 checks that Jeffrey McElwee admitted making out to himself over a period of 13 years.

3 Delco senators who all voted no on Senate Bill 76, which would have eliminated property taxes across the state and increased the sales and income taxes to make up the difference.

24-25 vote to nix the measure, with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack casting the tie-breaking vote.

5 month state budget standoff that could go on now that a deal is said to be “in peril,” according to Gov. Tom Wolf.

1 cat rescued from a house fire in Sharon Hill yesterday afternoon.

1 man shot in an ambush attack outside an Upper Chichester tavern over the weekend.

855 dollar tax bill for Springfield residents, that includes a tax hike this year.

0 tax hike planned in Ridley Park.

515 workers in Montgomery County who are looking at layoffs for the holiday season.

2 people found shot to death inside a home in Philadelphia.

160 billion dollar deal in which drug firms Pfizer and Allergan will merge.

0-for-November slump snapped for Philly home teams with Flyers win last night.

3-2 overtime win for the Flyers over the Hurricanes.

24 seconds into OT, when rookie Shayne Gostisbehere lit the lamp for the winner.

34 goals through their first 20 games for the Flyers.

24 of October, last time a home team won, also the Flyers.

15 straight losses for Sixers to start season.

100-95 loss in Minnesota last night.

32 points for Andrew Wiggins in the win.

25 points, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks for Sixers rookie Jahlil Okafor.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Is Chip Kelly’s voice bothering anyone else? That staccato deliver of his is getting old.

I Don’t Get It: Rack up another victim of legalized gambling. A man yesterday admitted stealing $700,000 from the firm where he worked in Collingdale to fuel his gambling habit.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the firefighters who rushed into a house in Sharon Hill yesterday and rescued a family’s cat in a fire.

Quote Box: “It relies far too heavily on sales tax to replace the property tax.”

- State Sen. Daylin Leach, D-17, on why he opposed bill to eliminate property taxes.