Endless Summer? Not exactly

Summer’s over.
At least in Ridley Township.
That sound you hear this morning is the rumble of school buses. And the grumble of kids who are trudging back to class the week before Labor Day.
This is not a big thing in Ridley, where they have been cutting into kids’ summer for several years now.
But apparently it is to a couple of state reps. They are proposing legislation that would ban schools from resuming class before Labor Day. Too bad kids can’t vote. These guys just became the hero of every kid who longs for just one more day of shorts and T-Shirts. Endless summer, as it were.
Rep. Robert Godshall, R-53, of Montgomery County, says there is a reason behind his legislation, other than being the new hero of the elementary school set.
Godshall says having schools go back in session before Labor Day is bad for business. Literally. He says tourist destinations in the state lose a lot of their workforce each year when young employees are forced to give up their summer jobs to head back to classes. He also says it would end the problem of families’ end-of-summer vacations being knocked off kilter.
Maybe. But we’re not buying. Of course, we haven’t been in school for awhile.
We’ll back Ridley school Superintendent Dr. Nick Ignatuk on this one. He’s the guy who’s been sending kids back to school this week for years now.
Ignatuk belives this is the perfect example of a decision that should be made at the local level.
We agree.
Sorry, kids.

Moving Beyond 10,000 Losses: An occasional look at why it’s so difficult to be a Phillies – hell for that matter a Philadelphia – sports fan. How much do you love Chase Utley? The potential National League MVP returned to the lineup last night for the first time in a month after breaking a bone in his hand. All he did was rap out a homer and two other hits to lead the Phils over the Mets in the first game of their dramatic series. Adam Eaton takes the mound for the Phils tonight. Uh-oh.

The Daily Numbers: .339, what Utley is now hitting after going three for five with two runs batted in last night.
8,000 dollars, value of copper wire that’s become the target of thieves hitting SEPTA switching boxes. Police fear the damaged boxes could lead to a disastrous collision on the tracks.
37 feet high. That would be the statue of Billy Penn atop City Hall in Philadelphia. It’s due for a major renovation and cleaning. Maybe they can also remove the hex that many believe sits on Philly sports teams because the city dared to allow structures to rise above Penn’s hat.
2 people shot, one fatally, in a brawl at a bar in Trenton. Police believe a dispute inside the tavern spilled out into a gunfight in the street.
2 North Philadelphia teens injured in stabbing incidents. Both were girls.
60,000 dollars believed bilked from several families by a contractor who took their money to install pools, but either never showed up or didn’t finish the job. Ellwood Thompson’s Pool Pros biz is supposed to make restitution. He could be headed to jail after pleading guilty.
4 young men being sought in Delaware for the brutal beating of a man of Indian descent. All four are white men in their 20s.
25,000 state bridges whose safety ratings are now being listed by PennDOT. The bridges are listed from zero to 100 in terms of their safety. There are 404 spans in the state listed as ‘structurally deficient.’

1,500 people who were at a concert at Tri-State Mall when the crowd got rowdy, sending out a call for police from 11 surrounding towns, including Delco.
217,562, number of people now receiving welfare assistance from Pennsylvania. That’s the lowest level since the early 1960s.
28 games missed by Chase Utley, who returned to the lineup and led the Phils over the Mets last night.
9 straight hits for Jason Werth. Think he’s been hot? He went 5-for-5 Sunday and then rapped out 4 straight hits last night. That’s one short of the record 10 straight hits.
5 games in back of the Mets, where the Phils stand after last night’s win. They remain 3 back of the Padres in the wild card.<

I Don’t Get It (with apologies to Jack McCaffery): State police are noticing a new troubling trend in Chester County. Young men of Mexican descent are taking an interest in gang activity, possibly linking with national groups like the Crips. As part of an initiation rite, they are holding up convenience stores. Great.

Today’s Upper: Hey, Ridley kids, look at it this way. You won’t have class next Monday. That’s Labor Day. Of course you will have been in school for four days by then.

Quote Box: “I think any person who owns and loves their pet and views their pet as part of family would be wholly offended by the details of this case.”
-- Delco SPCA acting manager Nicole Wilson, on the Michael Vick case.