How Sweep it is

I went home Thursday night and did something I've done thousands of times.

And yet it was something I've never done before.

I watched the game on TV.

No, not the Eagles. I don't really need to watch A.J. Feeley and the rest of the Eagles backups trying desperately to both make the team and not get hurt while banging around with the Jets. ACtually Feeley didn's exatly escape unscathed. He broke his left (non-throwing) hand.

No, I watched the replay of the Phillies game on Comcast Sportsnet. It was that good.

This is one people will be talking about for a long time. Yes, I work at a newspaper. And yes, I was actually posting live updates on the game to our Web site yesterday afternoon.

I dutifully (actually gleefully) noted that the Phils got out to a quick 5-0 lead on home runs by Ryan Howrad, Pat Burrell and Aaron Howard.

They I reluctantly reported how the Mets scratched their way back to a 5-5 deadlock. Of course the Phils responded by quickly posting three more runs, and just as quickly the Mets responded in turn.

Then the Phils bullpen got involved. Not good. Once again, it seemed they carried gas cans in with them from the bullpen, all too willing to throw a little gas on the fire.

The Phils were down 10-8 in the eighth when something almost surreal occurred. They got one in the eighth, setting the stage for the bottom of the ninth.

Making it all the more delicious was the fact that it came at the expense of former Phil (and resident loudmouth) Billy Wagner, who for some reason was trying to go two innings to close out the win for the Mets. The Phils had other ideas.

First Jayson Werth got on, and then managed to steal both second and third. In the meantime, Wagner was in the process of unraveling. Finalley, Chase Utley lined a ball into right field, and the guy who filled in so admirably for him for a month, Tadahito Iguchi, scampered home with the winning run.

11-10 Phillies. A classic. And one well worth savoring again.

Forget football season, people. It doesn't start for another week.

The Phils are now just 2 games back of the Mets, and also 2 back in the wild card.

Ironically, the front page of yesterday's Daily Times was adorned with the headline, 'Field of Dreams.' It's about the move to bring a stadium to Chester to lure a Major League Soccer team to Delco.

Actually the Field of Dream yesterday was Citizens Bank Park. There's something about this Phillies team.

Something that would make a die-hard Eagles fan turn them off and watch a replay.

Ya Gotta Believe!


Our thoughts and prayers are with Jameer Nelson today.

His father, Floyd, is missing in Chester and feared lost in the Delaware River.

Jameer was a standout basketball player at Chester High. He followed that up with a sterling career at Saint Joseph's and then was drafted by the NBA's Orlando Magic.

Jameer is simply a class act, who has always represented the city of Chester and Delaware County with a sense of purpose and style.

He also has never forgotten where he came from.

Today, we all will remember as well.