Reid it and weep

I have just one question this morning. What the hell is Britt Reid thinking?
Maybe that’s the point. Maybe like a lot of young people, Britt’s not really thinking at all.
Britt Reid, as you might know, is the younger son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid. And he’s back in the news this morning. That’s not a good thing. Not for the Reid family. Not for the Eagles. And really, not for any of us.
The young Reid was taken into custody yesterday afternoon on suspicion of driving under the influence. No charges have been filed.
Look, I am as big an Eagles fan as you’ll find. I’m also a father. Right now, I don’t really care about whether Andy Reid made the right decision on Jeremiah Trotter, or how he’s getting along with Donovan McNabb.
I’m wondering what is going on inside the Reid house. I know, it’s really none of our business. Or is it?
Let’s review. Back in January, Britt Reid was charged in a road-rage incident in which he brandished a gun at a motorist. The guy just happened to be from Delaware County. He said he feared for his life.
As it happened, that incident occurred on the same day that Britt’s older brother Garrett was involved in a nasty crash in which he blew through a red light and slammed into a woman’s car. He admitted he was under the influence and had used heroin earlier in the day.
Both sons of the Eagles coach reached plea agreements last week. It was expected they would keep their noses clean until they were sentenced.
Eventually Coach Andy took a leave from the team to attend to business at home.
Now Britt has been involved in another incident. Police responded to a local shopping mall on the report of a person acting erratically. Police pulled over Reid as he was trying to leave the parking lot in his truck. But not before he apparently banged into a couple of shopping carts.
Officials say Britt failed a field sobriety test and was taken to a local hospital to have blood drawn. No charges have been filed – yet.
If they are, it could have dire effects on the deal Britt reached with prosecutors in the road-rage case. He could face up to 14 months in jail in that instance. The Reid defense team obviously is hoping for probation.
But if he’s charged with a new offense, it could mean Britt is going to spend some time behind bars.
We’ve been through this before, with both Britt and his brother Garrett. We’ve talked about the drawbacks of being the son of a famous parent. And we’ve talked about the cost someone like Reid pays for the amount of time he spends on his job.
What effect, if any, this will have on Coach Andy and the Eagles is yet to be seen. Reid usually meets the media Friday afternoon. My guess is he will stick with his “this is a family matter” and ask the assembled media to move on.
But he won’t answer my question. Which again is this: What was Britt Reid thinking of? And what are his parents thinking as well?
Forget the Eagles. We’re talking about a kid’s life and a family in trouble.
That’s something Andy Reid ought to be thinking about at least as much as his game plan for an exhibition game against the Steelers.
Eagles fans might not like it, but in reality, what is more important? The coach’s actions might tell us exactly that.
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