Another chapter in Penn-Delco

The fallout, sort of like the smoldering soot from a fire, continues to rain down on the Penn-Delco School District.

Last night the Penn-Delco School Board voted to terminate their relationship with their solicitor, Mark Sereni.

Sereni had been asking for an independent counsel to review all the allegations of wrongdoing that have been bandied about in the district for more then a year.

That didn’t sit too well with either the taxpayers or board members, already awaiting word of the results of a county grand jury investigation into the district’s business dealings that seems to focus on former board President Keith Crego.

Let’s make no mistake here. Mark Sereni is not really the problem in Penn-Delco. But he became the lightning rod for outraged residents. Wednesday night he paid the price, being told in a 4-3 vote that his services were no longer needed.

Before the vote, Sereni offered some good advice to those who remain on what has become something of a merry-go-round of a school board. Eight members have left the board in the last 14 months.

Sereni told them to continue to cooperate with any law enforcement investigations, and again urged them to bring in an independent, objective legal counsel to investigate "anyone and everyone who has taken part in improper or unethical conduct."

Give the guy this much. He sticks to his guns.

Will the board change its mind and take him up on his suggestion? Not likely.

But there is something this district needs much more than that.
It direly needs to hear from the District Attorney’s Office with the results of the investigation and any charges that might be forthcoming.

Penn-Delco has been bathed in this negative spotlight long enough.
Let’s lay all the cards on the table. Then, as Sereni has suggested, the district can attempt to move on honestly.

It very likely is not going to be easy, or pretty. But it’s time for a final, thorough public airing of what has been going on in this district for far too long.


Anonymous said…
Phil, why would a recommendation for independent counsel not sit well with 4 board members? I don't get it. What do those 4 board members have to hide? And why on earth did the lawyer have to take the fall?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for pointing out the obvious - that Sereni was not really the problem in Penn Delco but that he had to take the fall.

Why didn't you print this in the paper instead of just on the blog? Don't you think after all the negative press Sereni has had to take from your paper you at least owe him that?
Phil's wife said…
I thought Spencer was a dope, you take the cake. You make no sense at all. All you are waiting on are headlines. You don't care about anything but front page news. Scumbag is all i can say. Aslo, try to get another picture you look like the weasel that you are. Man oh man you are a spineless person who has never put their neck on the line and sits back and passes judgement. Get a life weasle. You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh, and puclication of your paper has gone down dramatically since you have been here. Somehow I don't think you will be here much longer (just my opion, Phi). you such at your job and everyone calls your paper a rag. it is so funny. People actually laugh at you when they see you. You are so gross.
Phil's wife said…
Oh I see.
Anonymous said…
You are a disgrace and you run a two bit papaer. Your subscriptions have gone down and you won't be here much longer. How are the talks going by the way?
Anonymous said…
Hate to differ with a few but it seems the papers circulation is up not down. Penn-Delco is news right now and will be for awhile to come. If indictments are handed down then there will be a trial then the outrage from the community will have to be dealt with that may mean a change in the way things are done in Penn-Delco and maybe a change in the board as a whole. So you see it will be a while before things quiet down. Sereni is gone so let's move on to the next problem. And beleive me there are many to move onto.