A race for the ages

And we thought last fall was wild.

You might remember that was when newcomer Joe Sestak fired a thunderbolt into Delco politics when the three-star admiral challenged longtime incumbent Republican Congressman Curt Weldon.

Weldon, who had represented the 7th District for 20 years, hadn’t gotten much of a challenge from Democrats in years.

That was about to change. Fueled by a national push targeting several key congressional districts believed vulnerable, Sestak and Weldon went at it hammer and tong.

Delaware County really hadn’t seen anything like it since Weldon tried unsuccessfully to evict then Democratic Rep. Bob Edgar from his seat two decades before.

Then, just weeks before the November election, the volatile campaign exploded.

It was revealed that Weldon was under investigation for possibly using his office to help a company run by his daughter and a campaign adviser. The feds say the probe is ongoing. No charges have resulted.
But the result here in Delco was like an earthquake.

Sestak won. Weldon pointed to the announcement of the probe as the key to the race.

Everyone exhaled.

Brace yourself. The next time around could be even wilder.

The Republicans clearly have been itching to take another run at Sestak. Now they think they may have found their man.

One of those being considered to take up the Republican armor is a familiar name. At least to readers of the Daily Times.

That would be none other than Upper Darby top cop Mike Chitwood.
Yep, "Media Mike" is on the list of those being considered by the local GOP.

The mind simply staggers at the possibilities. Mike Chitwood in a national political campaign.

This is not entirely new turf for the longtime cop. Before he left Portland, Maine, he was approached to consider a run for governor. Instead, he came to Upper Darby.

He hasn’t been out of the spotlight since. Chitwood believes in using the media to get the word out to criminals: There’s a new sheriff in town. He also gets criticism for being a media hog.

Chitwood vs. Sestak.

Here’s my first question. How long before Chitwood refers to someone as a "scumbag?"

Buckle your seatbelts, political junkies. This one could make Weldon-Sestak look like "Romper Room."


David Diano said…
Talking about running and actually running are two different things. I think the Dem strength and outcome of the 2007 County races may affect who the GOP offers up as a sacrificial lamb.

Considering that Chitwood's been around for only a few years (he almost ran for Governor of Maine), where are the Weldon-zombies that chanted 'carpet bagger'?

Sure, Chitwood's got ideas on crime, but what about health care, economic policy, education, foreign policy, etc. ?

I think some GOP chickens are being counted before they are hatched.