The Daily Numbers - Oct. 17

The Daily Numbers: 2 sons of Andy Reid now housed in the Montgomery County Prison. If Reid can concentrate on coaching while all this is going on at home, he’s a better man than I.

4 names of Republican Penn-Delco School candidates that will not appear on sample ballots in Parkside. The borough GOP is upset at what has been going on in the school district and has indicated they will not support any of the GOP incumbents.

13, the age of the teen who was back in court yesterday for motions connected to the first-degree murder charges lodged against him in the stabbing death of his brother.

2 people slain and a third wounded after a shooting overnight in an apartment complex on Street Road in Warminster, Bucks County.

500 dollars worth of video games ripped off from a store in the Lehigh Valley Mall by a guy who claimed to be a New York City detective.

2,000 women surveyed to find out what they look for in a car. Turns out they want function, not pizazz. Like what? Like a hatchback that opens and closes automatically. And blue-tooth technology.

22 billion that experts say we will spend on gadgets on gizmos this holiday season. Forget world peace. That comes in second on most wish lists. No. 1 with adults this year is a new computer.

1 person killed Tuesday night when a motorcycle crashed into a car at Callowhill and Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia. The driver of the motorcycle was killed.

1 person seriously injured when she was struck by a car while trying to cross Lancaster Avenue in the Haverford section of Lower Merion Tuesday night. The driver took off. The woman is in critical condition.

1 student at Downingtown East High School killed and two others injured when a car slammed into a tree Sunday afternoon.

0 goals allowed by Martin Biron in goal for the Flyers as they shut out the Atlanta Thrashers, 4-0.

1, as in 1st place, where the rejuvenated Flyers now sit in the NHL’s Atlantic Division.

8 days the red-hot Colorado Rockies now have to wait to start the World Series against either the Indians or Red Sox. Late October baseball in Colorado. Should be interesting. Keep the parkas ready, guys.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
Gee, they canceled the National Lacrosse League season, which means no Philadelphia Wings this year. Better get used to watching hockey.

I Don’t Get It: How low can you go? Police say a woman near Johnstown has been charged with burglarizing her neighbor’s home. So? Well, the neighbors say they were attending a funeral at the time.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Delco native Archbishop John Foley, who will be elevated to a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI. Foley is a native of Sharon Hill and once was a paperboy for this very newspaper.

Quote Box: "I put my hand on my son’s chest as he gasped his last breath."
-- Jennifer Christopher, testifying yesterday at sentencing for the man convicted in the DUI death of her son Anthony.