The Daily Numbers -- Oct. 18

The Daily Numbers: 21 felony counts filed against former Penn-Delco School Board President Keith Crego.

202 years in jail, the maximum he faces if convicted on all counts, plus a fine of $425,000.

1 felony lodged against former Penn-Delco Superintendent Leslye Abrutyn. She also faces a number of misdemeanors.

51 years behind bars and a $105,000 fine, the max she’d be hit with if convicted on all charges.

4 homicides now being looked at as possibly connected in a deadly spree that includes Chester and Wilmington, Del. A man found shot to death in his SUV in Wilmington is now believed to be tied to the deaths of two Wilmington women who were shot in Chester, and a man found dead in the trunk of a car in Philadelphia.

2 deaths of students at Rider University in New Jersey now believed linked to excessive drinking. The latest involves a student found unconscious Tuesday night.

270 pounds of explosives that is set to bring down the old Sands Casino Hotel tonight in a prime time show, including fireworks, tonight in Atlantic City. But not if a hotel next door has its way. They are going to court this morning to block the implosion.

199,999 dollars more in rent, what the Boy Scouts of America could be looking at for its Philadelphia headquarters in a city-owned building if they do not change their rules barring gay Scouts.

400,000 dollars believed ripped off from a Bucks County retirement home by a former accounts payable clerk.

10 bucks, the amount of a parking ticket that somehow managed to get the sales manager of a Montgomery County car dealer in handcuffs right there in the showroom.

320 homicides so far this year in the city of Philadelphia. The latest was a 23-year-old man shot in the stomach while he sat on the porch of his Olney home Wednesday night.

8 million dollars, what an Allentown woman wants from the city in a lawsuit she’s filed after a crash involving a police cruiser killed her 4-year-old son, who was an innocent bystander.

3 million bonus, that has Eagles star running back Brian Westbrook at odds with his bosses. The team is withholding his paycheck to get the money back, which was mistakenly paid to him in the first place.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
Was anyone else bored last night? No baseball. No Flyers. No nothing. What’s a sports fan to do? Wait for the latest news on Andy Reid’s kids?

I Don’t Get It: Joe Paterno is maybe the crustiest coach in the world. It’s part of his legacy, but one that isn’t adding to his storied history as he refuses to deal head-on with some of the off-field antics that have marred Happy Valley in recent months. Specifically, his handling of news that sex assault charges were filed against a star running back leave a lot to be desired.

Today’s Upper: Yes, it’s a reach. But at least the waiting is over in Penn-Delco. The charges are out there on the table. Now the healing can begin.

Quote Box: "The fundamental thing we find here is he acted for himself, not in the best interests of taxpayers and the parents of school-age children."
-- Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green, in announcing long list of charges against former Penn-Delco School Board President Keith Crego.