Friday, October 19, 2007

Delco's Prince

Imagine that. Another story about a priest plastered all over the front page of the newspaper. What have they done now.

I know there is an impression out there that this editor, and this newspaper, carries an anti-Catholic bias. There are readers who insist we never miss an opportunity to take a shot at the church, its prelates, or archdiocesan schools.

Simply put, they believe we routinely engage in Catholic-bashing.
I do not happen to agree with that opinion. We report the news. Sometimes it’s good; sometimes it’s bad.

On Wednesday it was very good. And it involved one of our own. In more ways than one.

First thing Wednesday morning we received word that Archbishop John P. Foley was being elevated to cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI.

The first words that entered my mind happen to be the two words that sit atop this blog item: Delco’s Prince.

Yes, the pride of Delaware County and native of Sharon Hill, Archbishop Foley will become a prince of the Roman Catholic church when the pope places the red cap on his head on Nov. 24.

Foley grew up on Bartlett Avenue in Sharon Hill. He attended Holy Spirit Parish School. He would return there to celebrate his first Mass after being ordained a priest.

Foley has another connection to the county, and to this newspaper. He delivered it as a kid. Actually Foley had a route for our predecessor, The Chester Times. We could not be prouder of our link to this special man.

Obviously, there is no shortage of folks in the county who feel likewise. That is why so many of them plan to make a pilgrimage to Rome next month to share in the special day when a humble man from Sharon Hill is elevated to the highest echelons of the church.

Yes, the Catholic church has its problems. It also has men like Archbishop John Foley.

The folks back here at the newspaper he once delivered could not be happier to put that story on our front page.


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