A parent's worst nightmare

It is the phone call that every parent dreads.
"There’s been an accident."

And now two Delco families are dealing with the consequences. So is this newspaper.

Two lives – one really just beginning, one a beloved grandfather – have been snuffed out much too soon. Two families are left to mourn and pick up the pieces.

This time it was in Springfield, on a stretch of Rolling Road where residents have long complained that cars simply go too fast.

What’s known is this: Just before 1 a.m. Sunday morning, a car driven by 18-year-old James Blair Heron collided with one driven by Jim Eden, 66, on the 200 block of North Rolling Road.

Both were alone in their cars. Neither survived.

Some early reports from police suggested they were looking at drag racing as a possible cause for the crash.

It turns out that was not the case. Police now believe that there was another car involved, but that they weren’t drag racing.

Police do now believe that Heron was traveling in the wrong lane when his 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra slammed into the Toyota Avalon driven by Eden. Heron died at the scene. Eden was transported to Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police believe Heron actually had pulled out to pass the other car when he collided with the car driven by Eden at the crest of a hill.

Police got this information from the kids in that other car, who came to the police station on Saturday to offer their version of what happened.
The story this newspaper carried on Sunday dealt in large part with the friends and family of Heron. They had gathered at the scene during the day on Saturday.

We were not trying to slight Eden, or lessen what apparently transpired on Rolling Road.

On Sunday we went back out to the scene and talked to Eden’s family members, who likewise were holding a vigil at the scene.

Ironically, on the very same day, we learned of the death of Eddie Lancaster.

What do they have in common? Kids and cars.
It’s a volatile, dangerous concoction.

Five years ago, Lancaster was left a paraplegic in an accident that took the life of one Penncrest High School classmate and injured several others. He succumbed to his injuries last week.

Now two more families are reeling in the aftermath of another car crash.
And every night I thank God I have never had to deal with that terrible phone call.

As a newspaper editor, I can’t avoid the fallout from such incidents.
It’s a part of my job that I could do without.

If I never had to report another such incident, it wouldn’t bother me a bit.
But I know that’s not likely going to happen. More likely, it’s a matter of when, not if.


Anonymous said…
i wish kids can just listen to their parents when we talk about fast driving and driving without a seatbeat. Poor James heron could have been spared if he just slowed down.. what a waste
Anonymous said…
you dont know anything about what happened. his name is blair and he was an amazing person. if you knew anything you would know what a great person and role model he was to all of us in springfield.
Anonymous said…
this had nothing to do with his car being fast, or listening to what his parents told him, because guess what you dont know him, and unfortunatley never will, he was mature, bright, kind, and had a great head on his shoulders, with an amazing future ahead. this was an accident, a freak accident, and now unfortunatley 2 families much grieve. but dont u ever bash those who can't defend themselves back. its really a shame thats what the world has come to today.
Anonymous said…
The fact that Blair was bright, amazing, mature, ect, doesn't dismiss the fact that an innocent man was killed because of pure lack of thought and lack of responsibility. How could anyone think it's a bright idea to cruise in an oncoming traffic lane when approaching the crest of a hill where there is zero visibility beyond it? If Blair survived, I hope he would have done prison time. My prayers are with all families for their losses. But my first instinct is to weap for the Edens.
Anonymous said…
You have no idea what your talking about. Kids make mistakes and kids do dumb things. But to sit there and say you would of hoped for prison time is not just wrong its indecent. Honestly, i dont see how you can comment on this because apparently you have no idea what your talking about. Blairs life barely started he didnt get to enjoy the greatest things in life like marrage, kids, etc. I'm sorry for the Edens it was a terrible thing to have happen to anyone. But i wouldnt put anyone in front of another in this situation. I think you need to think really hard before you post your opinion in public
Anonymous said…
i didn't know blair but how many accidents is it going to take before you parents and kids learn alike a kid of his age and inexperience should not have been aloud to buy such a highly modded machine and his parents should have heeded the warning my friend gave to them that it was not the right car for there son that right my friend sold them the car and having a fast car had everything to do with it if you have a car that can't build these speeds there is a better chance of living after a crash but on the same note my heart goes out to everyone that lost in this accident but you young kids need to open your eyes and learn
Anonymous said…
unfortunatley you got this all wrong.

this had nothing to do with the type of car blair drove or his ability to drive it. it had to do with people in another car who murdered him and mr. eden.
maybe you should find them and give them a piece of your mind.
Anonymous said…
WEll TBH, you shouldnt say they MURDERED him as they were his friends he was trying to pass. They thought he was giong to leave and go home rather than follow to another friends for a car part.There was no racing, nor was the guy unable to control his car. He Simply seemed to be Trying to let his friends know he was going home. those friends in the car you claim are the "murderers" were his friends who returned to the PD the next day to tell them EXACTLY what happened. He was a good guy. Real nice. His friends were freaked out by seeing what they saw.. I'm sure you would do the same seeing your best friend get killed in a horrific accident. So stop bashing these people please. My condolences for both families in their loss. And my sympathy to his friends who had to witness their friends last minutes of life.Thats forever going be in their memories and maybe down the road cause some sort of psychological problem.I only feel bad they have to deal with it. They didn't do anything wrong or they would have been charged. and their not.
Anonymous said…
I am truely sickend by all of these grown women and men speaking as if they knew what had gone on in this situation, and not only that, speaking as if they were 12 years old non the less. If any of you had any true respect for either of the two families, you would not be sitting her taking part in a blog conversation, making rude, unbelievable comments. I am here today to tell you i truely feel so sorry for the Eden's and their whole intire family, As well as Blair's mother and uncles and sisters as well as his girlfriends whole intire family. When someone in your life passes it is no longer just the immediate family that is hurt, the public as well as their community. I hope that one day you will all realize that when someone passes, they dont ever want to look down on you, as being YOUR angel, and see you fighting about non-sence on the COMPUTER. Take a minute to think before you write something on a blog, Blair you are so truely missed, we all think about you every single day<3 keep watching over us, and someday we will be with you all over again!
Anonymous said…
it’s been so many years and I still miss my poppop