The Daily Numbers -- Dec. 17

The Daily Numbers: 2 a.m., that’s when police in New York allege Channel 3 anchor Alycia Lane got in a dustup with an office. She’s now facing charges.

115 million development tied to a new soccer stadium in Chester that remains in limbo because of inaction by the state Legislature.

45 mph winds that will continue to whip the region through the afternoon. Bundle up.

160,000 people who were without power as the wind brought down trees and power lines over the weekend.

30 years in prison for a leader of an Internet-based drug ring.

2 special Masses celebrated on his old turf by new Cardinal John P. Foley, a Delaware County native, over the weekend.

2 students from Moorsetown High School killed in car crashes in the past week.

1 person killed in an apparent domestic dispute in Conshohocken.

2 murders in Philadelphia that police have now made arrests in, and they say the key to solving them was getting cooperation from the public.

1 prisoner who scaled a razor fence and then fled the grounds of the Bucks County Prison.

10 days before Christmas when a fire hit a Toys R Us store in South Philly. The store closed overnight but was open again the next day.

7 days and counting before Christmas. Better start thinking about the trip to the mall.

3 interceptions for Cowboys star QB Tony Romo in a loss to the valiant Eagles Sunday.

0 touchdowns for the Cowboys, something that has not happened to them in several years.

1 field goal for Garnet Valley Friday night in their PIAA AAA loss to a powerful Thomas Jefferson team.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
For faithful readers of the blog, you know I pick a score for the Eagles game every Saturday. Let’s just say I was off the mark just a tad this week. Incredibly, the Eagles are still alive – barely – in the playoff hunt.


I Don’t Get It: Spare me the shots of Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo’s new squeeze. Uh, Tony, might want to win something before you go the Hollywood route.


Today’s Upper: A great weekend for Delaware County native Cardinal John P. Foley, who was back on his home turf to celebrates Masses in Sharon Hill and Havertown over the weekend.


Quote Box: “You don’t feel complete until you’ve done what you came in to do.”

-- Linda Pascal, on her decision to go to Iraq with her soldier husband Jeffrey.