The Daily Numbers -- Dec. 18

The Daily Numbers: 200,000 dollars in scholarships being put up for students in Chester by Harrah’s casino. That’s what you call giving back to the community.

7 times a man from Clifton Heights has now been arrested on DUI charges. Can you say designated driver?

64, age of woman in Brookhaven who fended off a suspected burglar who invaded her home. He picked the wrong place. She chased him off.

34,786 dollars raised to date in our annual Merry Christmas Fund to aid the Salvation Army. Our goal of $50,000 is within reach with a week to go.

12 cars damaged in the parking lot of a shopping center in Burlington County, N.J., when a van went out of control. NO truth to the rumor that it was started by a race for a rare parking spot.

75 families in Pottstown who are now facing the prospect of an even starker Christmas because some Grinch ripped off presents from a local church that were to be handed out to needy folks.

4, age of boy found shot to death inside his grandmother’s home in Southwest Philly. Police say it was a tragic accident. The boy apparently found a gun in the house and shot himself in the head.

7, age of son who witnessed the horrific scene in Conshohocken in which police say his father beat his mother to death in a dispute over a fast-food order.

1 cent dip in the price of gasoline overnight. Right now the average price of regular in the Philly area is $3.07. That’s still 2 cents higher than the state average.

55 percent of people in the Philly region who will depart for their Christmas destinations this week, according to AAA.

7 days and counting before Christmas. Everyone finished their Christmas shopping? Didn’t think so.

0 chance of making the playoffs for the Eagles, who were eliminated when the Vikings won their Monday night matchup with the Bears.

1 game suspension for Cowboys safety Roy Williams for the horse-collar tackle he used on Donovan McNabb Sunday. They made the rule for this guy after he did the same thing to T.O. a few years back. Guess he just doesn’t get it.

5 wins in 20 shootouts in the last two and a half seasons for the Flyers.

4 more Eagles who suffered injuries in the win against the Cowboys Sunday and are now questionable for the Saints. Not that it much matters.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
It’s official. The Eagles can quit pretending they still have a shot at the playoffs. They got eliminated last night when the Vikings won. They still have two more games, but it’s time to start thinking about next year.

I Don’t Get It: Everybody is all atwitter because a local TV news anchor got arrested. I don’t get it.


Today’s Upper: Yes, there are some downsides to casinos and slot-machine gambling. But it’s hard to argue with the move by Harrah’s yesterday in announcing they would award $200,000 in scholarships to Chester students.


Quote Box: “This is a gift that keeps on giving. What better gift could there be for the holidays.”

-- Chester Upland Schools CEO Gregory Thornton on the announcement by Harrah’s to award $200,000 in scholarships to Chester students.