The dreaded Saturday Eagles pick

If it's Saturday, it must be time for the dreaded Saturday Eagles pick.

There is a sadness that has fallen over Eagles-ville this week.

Anyone remember when Dallas week sparked the No. 1 passion in Philly sports?

Anyone remember what it was like when we used to bump into our old pal, T.O., in another uniform. Now we shrug our shuolders even as Owens rubs it in our face. The truth is he's right. The Eagles botched his situation and are still trying to dig themselves out of the hole they dug for themselves.

Now they're playing out the string. But that doesn't stop Andy Reid from further insulting fans by talking about playoff possibilities.

We can't even get this Cowboys' encounter over with early. We have to wait until 4:15to be embarrassed in front of another national TV audience.

We can sit inside and gaze out at the lousy weather and sulk about the fact that we won't have a post-season to get us through the post-holiday drudgery.

The Eagles are cooked, and they will look that way on Sunday, as they mail one in against the 'Boys in Big D. They should save the money on the flight.

Make this one, Cowboys 33, Eagles 13.

Ho, Ho, Ho.


Anonymous said…
Wow...did you blow this one!

Woohoo for the Eagles!