No good deed ...

Filie this one under the category of "no good deed goes unpunished."

This newspaper very often comes under criticism because we tend to publish stories that paint the county in a negative light. It goes with the territory.

Actually, the readers often have a legitimate point. Much of what makes the news every day is often what most would consider bad news, very sad stories, negative images.

Very often this kind of criticism is directed at us from the city of Chester, where residents often complain we never miss an opportunity to skewer the struggling city.

Which brings me to Tuesday's newspaper. Our lead story also emanated from Chester. But it was not a negative view of the city.

Instead, on Tuesday our front page screamed "Chester Kids Hit Jackpot." The headline and accompanying photo dominated the page.

Inside the story detailed a new scholarship program for city kids being set up by Harrah's. They're the folks running the new casino in town. It's a great opportunity for Harrah's to put their money where their mouth is. They have often said they want to give back to the city they call home. This is a great way of doing it.

So I was a little taken aback at one of the first phone calls I received bright and early Tuesday morning. It was a reader who wanted to comment about the play we gave the story.

I thought for sure for once I was going to be getting a heart thank-you for something the newspaper did.

Not exactly.

The reader wanted to take the newspaper to task for the photos appearing on Page 1 and inside. She said she was disappointed in the expressions and lack of enthusiasm on the kids' faces. She said the photographer should have done more to show how excited the kids were about this new program. She gave me the distinct impression that we delibately chose the images we used to try to cast the kids in some kind of negative light.

Yep, some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.


Anonymous said…
Well, let me pile on a bit.

Today (12/19/2007) you've got a story titled "GOP turns out to give Reilly a couple going-away laughs". Nice light touch on group that for years has been screwing that taxpayers of Delco and now rides off into the sunset.

Will you ever do an expose on the corruption in our county government? How one-party rule has cost the taxpayers in dollars and missed opportunities?

Yes, give Reilly a nice toy golf set photo op. Very funny. The joke is on us and at our expense.