Another sad Crego chapter

I’ve stopped trying to figure out Keith Crego.

The former president of the Penn-Delco School Board was in court in Media on Monday for a pre-trial hearing. The belief was he was in the midst of negotiations with the district attorney’s office for a plea deal in connection with the bribery and drug charges filed against him in the scandal that shook the school district to its core.

That was Monday. On Wednesday Crego was back in jail. He’s been charged with intimidation of a witness in the case against him.

County detectives hauled him back in front of a judge, who revoked his bail and sent him off to Delaware County Prison. Crego had been on home monitoring while awaited trial. Now he’s behind bars.

It’s just the latest chapter in the bizarre saga that has gripped the district for more than a year.

Crego apparently has a thing for e-mail. As reported by our columnist Gil Spencer on Wednesday, Crego fired off an e-mail to new district solicitor Mike Levin to defend his role in a controversial split-dollar insurance plan that was instituted during his reign as school board boss. The plan wound up costing the district a bundle. Crego seemed to be pointing the finger of blame at school district financial officer John Steffy for the debacle. Levin did not seem amused. He’s apparently intent on trying to get the district’s money back.

That was not the extent of Crego’s e-mailing. And that’s what got him the visit from county detectives.

They allege he was using e-mail to intimidate Christina Fink, a former paramour who is a key witness against him. It was a blow-up with Fink, who he had managed to get onto the Penn-Delco School Board, that first put Crego’s actions in the spotlight.
Fink is a teacher in the Marple Newtown School District. County detectives allege Crego, using an alias, was sending e-mails to her superiors in Marple Newtown alleging she had been racking up criminal citations in the Scranton area. It turns out that that was a different person. Detectives say it’s part of a pattern of harassment Crego has waged against Fink.

It’s still just a bit mind-boggling to conisder that Crego was once the president of the Penn-Delco School Board, and vice-chairman of the Aston Republican Party. And he came within a whisker of being named the CEO of the Chester Upland School District.

Now he sits in a jail cell in the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Thornbury Township.

Who knows if the deal he was offered on the original charges filed against him is still on the table.

At this point, maybe the deal he should be seeking is with Hollywood.
Then again, maybe not. I suppose you could make a movie out of all this, but who would believe it?

I might not, if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.


Anonymous said…
I too find this all quite sad. There are many people affected by what is still taking place on the front pages and in the court rooms and magistrate offices. There is a family of Mr. Crego's who has been put through all this by a man apparently who has no remorse for anything he has done and continues to do. He is in a place at the moment where he can't harm anyone but what happens when he gets out again. This man had a lot of enablers who helped him along his way. He has taken three communities and held them hostage for over a year. The children and the people need to move on past this but it seems each week something new is revealed. Through all of this the children of this district are being taught by a staff of highly qualifyed teachers and the district is being run by the administrators. Because you see the three communities involved in this sad situation are three strong communities who support their children. One day this all will be resolved and maybe some normalcy will return to Penn-Delco and the county will only read good things in the name of Penn-Delco.