The Daily Numbers -- Jan. 18

The Daily Numbers: 2 teens charged in a series of 15 burglaries in Yeadon.

2 more teens charged in Ridley Park in several incidents in which it is alleged they tossed Molotov cocktails at several homes.

6 armed robberies in which pedestrians have been the target in Upper Darby.

2 GOP candidates who will seek the nod to run for the 162nd state House seat being vacated by longtime Rep. Ron Raymond. Ridley school administrator Jack Cleghorn yesterday indicated he would oppose Nick Miccarelli.

10 Penn-Delco School Board members who have left their posts in the merry-go-round that has been business in that troubled district in the past 17 months.

31 of January, that’s now the key date in efforts to land state funding to build a soccer stadium in Chester. The idea is to lure a Major League Soccer team to play there. An effort to secure a chunk of state funding continues.

800 bucks, that’s what individuals may be in line for as President Bush gets ready to announce an economic stimulus plan. That’s for individuals. Couples would get checks for $1,600.

85,000 bucks, that would be the income cut-off for individuals, $110,000 for couples.

302 that’s the number for our old pal Ben Franklin. They celebrated the inventor and founding father’s birthday yesterday.

65,000 bucks believed ripped off from a charity basketball tourney in Delaware by its founder. Robert Jacobs co-founded Slam Dunk to the Beach. Yesterday he got slam dunked with a prison term.

194,000 bucks fleeced from customers of Citizens Bank by a teller at a King of Prussia bank branch in a series of ID thefts, according to a federal indictment.

3.8 percent hike in rates expected to be sought by Comcast this year. In Delco, basic cable rates will actually go up 5 percent, to $52.25.

42 percent drop in earnings for PNC Bank, still another victim in the loan fallout.

50 percent cut in property taxes, the goal of a proposal in Harrisburg that would lead to elimination of the tax for many folks. It faces a long road before it has any shot of being reality, however.

10,000 more people looking for work in Pennsylvania in December. That’s 6,346,000. Those checks can’t get here fast enough.

3 medals by Haverford swimmer Brendan Hansen at the Athens Olympics. He now will head to Beijing in search of the gold medal that eluded him.

5 point margin of victory as the O’Hara girls squeaked by rival Archbishop Carroll last night.

2 Phils who avoided arbitration and signed one-year deals yesterday. Relievers Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson are in the fold. Now they need to come to terms with star slugger Ryan Howard.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
Don’t look now, but Eagles assistant John Harbaugh may be moving to the top of the list of head coaching candidates in Baltimore. The Ravens got shot down by Dallas assistant Jason Garrett. He’s staying put, for a cool $3 million. Harbaugh was one of the best special teams gurus in the NFL before taking over the Eagles secondary this year.

I Don’t Get It: Police in Philadelphia now believe some parents may have actually helped in a vicious stabbing attack by some girls on a female classmate at West Philadelphia High. I don’t get it.


Today’s Upper: Imagine that. They want to be sure that kids who graduate from Pennsylvania high schools are actually proficient at math, reading and writing when they get those diplomas. What a novel idea.


Quote Box: “Our concern is to get these bums off the street before someone gets hurt. These cowardly, gutless bums are throwing terror in our community.’”

-- Upper Darby top cop Mike Chitwood, on a gang that is preying on pedestrians, believed responsible for five recent armed heists.


David Gergen said…
I've read many stories in the Daily Times but few have left me with such a good feeling.
Here's a young man who chose his country over himself. He could have been a State Representative, an engineer or any other thing a young man could pursue. Yet he decided to serve his country. It makes me proud as an old vet that young men and women still put the USA before themselves. Be safe and thank you for your service. Casey Roncaglione and all of your kind make America great and we honor and thank you.
David Gergen
U.S. Army Ret.