Name that Team!

2:23 Gov. Ed Rendell announces Chester will return to being a first class city again and also announces team has committed to a contest to name the team?

My two entries? Chester Sun,

or how about Chester United.

Yes, I know I'm a homer. But I want to be sure everyone knows this team is going to pay its games in the city of Chester.

2:40 A small parade of Delco officials talking about Chester and soccer. Sen. Dominic Pileggi, state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, County Councilman Jack Whelan and now the guy who will actually be running the team, Nick Sakiewicz.

It's a party.

The festivities end with Bryan James, president of the Sons of Ben local soccer fanatics, presenting special scarves to each owner. They emplazoned with Chester 2010. Well done, Bryan.


Bryan said…
Thanks Phil, for the congrats. I didn't realize I was going to be part of the program, so had to improvise a little. I was very pleased with the scarves saying Philadelphia 2010 on one side and Kick Start Chester on the other.

We are working on becoming good neighbors in Chester and have just had another fund raiser for The Bernardine Center. Thanks to all the Chester residents who are willing to give this project a chance. I am sure that we will make a positive impact in the community and are proud that the team will call the oldest city in Pennsylvania home.