Dems the breaks, at least when it comes to records

We tried to warn you about this Pennsylvania Primary business.

Turns out we weren’t kidding. The state is possessed. At least the Democrats are.

A surge in interest in the presidential race and a desire to take part in the process has led Democrats statewide to set a record.

The registration push, which ended at 8 last night, swelled Democratic registrations over the 4 million mark. That’s the first time any party in the state has cleared that threshold. The number of people who signed up to vote yesterday alone set a new state record.

All of this is a measure of the interest in the heated battle between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Since last November’s election, more than 161,000 have joined the Democratic ranks in the state.

The story is the same here in Delco, where Democrats also have seen huge spikes in registrations. In the county, 6,400 new voters joined the rolls in the county, with an overwhelming majority of them joining the Democratic ranks. Some 3,394 voters signed on as Democrats, while Republicans added only 1,962.

What is still to be determined is just how many of these new voters come from the ranks of those who were not registered at all, how many were once Independents who changed so they could take part in the presidential nominating process, and how many were Republicans who wanted to weigh in on the choice between the two leading Democrats in the primary.

What is no longer at issue is that interest in the race continues to soar.

Don’t look for that to change over the next four weeks. If anything, this one will only get more heated, at least on the Democratic side.

Buckle your seat belts, Dems. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Anonymous said…
I changed my registration to vote against Hillary, so did my son so did my signifigant other.