A different kind of graduation celebration

Somehow I don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind in terms of a graduation celebration.

In Philly yesterday afternoon, things took a turn toward the bizarre outside the Liacouras Center at Temple University a few minutes after the commencement exercises for Strawberry Mansion High School.

Police believe a spat between two groups of students escalated into gunfire.

A student believed to be an “innocent bystander” was shot in the back. He suffered a fractured rib and bruised lung. He is expected to recover.

Temple police actually were trying to break up the fight when the gunshots rang out. Five teens were taken into custody.

Yes, I know that someone actually had to pull the trigger on that .22-caliber, which was not recovered, by the way.

I’m left with the same dumbstruck feeling I get every time I read a story like this. Does anyone really feel there isn’t a problem with too many guns on city streets?

This was a high school graduation, one of life’s seminal moments. Today people aren’t talking about the 117 kids who received diplomas. They’re instead talking about a shooting that erupted after a disagreement.

It’s the same story, only a different setting. Once again an argument is settled in the way it all too often is these days, not with words or fists, but with a gun.