Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ed Wade mixes it up

Who knew Ed Wade was such a feisty guy?

You remember Wade, served as general manager during some pretty miserable Phillies seasons before Pat Gillick came on board. Hired – and fired – Larry Bowa. Also traded Curt Schilling.

Wade was not exactly what you would call an electric guy. He was pretty laid-back. Your basic mild-mannered accountant type.

Well, he’s spicing things up a bit with the Astros. He landed there this year as their GM. Things aren’t going all that well. The team had lost nine of 10 before rallying to win their last two.

Now Wade has some signs of a revolt on his hands. And it’s getting physical.

The GM mixed it up with one of his pitchers. Apparently Wade wanted a private meeting with starter Shane Chacon to discuss his demotion to the bullpen. Chacon didn’t want to hear it. He wound up grabbing Wade by the neck and tossing him to the ground.

Chacon is now suspended indefinitely for insubordination.

Oh, and the Rangers also lost later that night, 3-2, to the Rangers. That’s adding insult to injury.


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