Phils' mantra? Good riddance, AL

The Phils entered inter-league play as the class of the National League East and one of the best teams in the senior circuit.

But all they managed to prove was the gulf that exists between the two leagues. The Phils managed to win just four games against the American League’s Red Sox, Angels, A’s and Rangers. Along the way they got tattooed for 11 losses.

Yesterday their struggling bats went silent once again, scratching out just five hits and 1 run against the Rangers.

And, incredible as it may sound, that’s not even their biggest problem. That would result in the bedraggled right arm of Brett Myers.

The team has a decision to make with the guy who was their stud closer last year and was supposed to be the ace of the rotation with his return as a starter this year. Hasn’t worked out that way. Myers has been awful. Now he’s due to start Thursday night’s game in Atlanta. He might not make it.

More importantly, just what his role is going to be is still to be decided by the Phils’ brass.

Hey, look on the bright side. The Phils are done with the National League. Unless you happen to believe this pitching staff is going to get them deep into October.

Bring on the Braves. And thank God for the National League.