Biking under the influence

Some guys just can’t get a break.

Consider Jeff Burke of Havertown. A few years back he picked up a DUI violation.

To avoid ever having that happen again, he started riding a bike when he was out carousing.

Last year he was having a couple of beers to celebrate the 4th of July. But the fireworks for him were only just beginning.

He was pedaling home on his bike, as he usually does, when he got rear-ended by a person in a car.

Adding insult to injury, he was charged with another DUI – for riding his bike while under the influence. Honest.

This week he was sentenced to 15 consecutive weekends in jail – 30 days. And he’s getting 22 months probation just for good measure.

Yes, it does seem like Burke is being punished for trying to do the right thing. He didn’t want to get behind the wheel. So he climbed on his bike instead.

That was his mistake, according to the Montgomery County D.A.’s office. They consider the bike a vehicle, and thus Burke left himself open to the DUI charge

So far there appears to be nothing about walking under the influence. Or sleeping it off under the influence.

Guess we can add this one to the list of bizarre DUI cases we’ve seen, including people on riding mowers, and riding horses, who have been charged.

Sometimes it’s better just to not leave the house.