How a heat wave ends

There are a couple of things about summer that you can count on.

It’s going to be hot. That might come as news to our friends in TV. We kind of think it’s standard procedure. In other words, we don’t stop the presses every time we get a dose of high humidity.

You also can pretty much count on a heat wave a couple times every summer. The temperature will reach 90 degrees. Again, that doesn’t exactly register on our Richter scale. Hit 90 degrees three days in a row and we refer to that as a heat wave, though it should not comes as much of a surprise when that happens in July.

And one final thing. You can be pretty much assured how a heat wave is going to end. Yep, the skies are going to open up and Mother Nature is going to vent all that built-up heat and humidity in a wild display that can rival most Fourth of July celebrations.

Pretty much right on schedule, storms rolled across the region last night, with monsoon-like rain, high winds, and spectacular lightning displays.

As beautiful as it is, lightning is nothing to be trifled with. It is best viewed from a distance.

No one really wants an up-close and personal experience. But that’s apparently what a police officer in Bethel got, when he may have been struck by lightning when a bolt rocked the fire house last night.

The officer and volunteer firefighter were transported to Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Thankfully, both are going to be all right.

Things were more serious in Bucks County, where a woman and small child were struck as they huddled under a tree at a local swim club.

Both are listed in serious condition.