Friday, July 18, 2008

Justice for Keith Crego

Judging by the responses to our Web site and some of the calls and e-mails I am getting, there seems to be no shortage of folks upset that Keith Crego is being allowed to take part in a work-release program.

Crego, in case you don’t know, is the one-man wrecking crew who wreaked havoc on the Penn-Delco School District last year. The former school board president eventually was charged with a series of felonies, most tied to his secret involvement with Quick Start Preschools LLC, a very popular program in the district that he had surreptitiously bankrolled.

Of course Crego did not go down alone. He took a lot of people with him, not the least of which was respected Superintendent Leslye Abrutyn. She also entered a plea tied to a connection she had with Quick Start.

And he left a shroud over the school district that the good people of Brookhaven, Aston and Parkside are still trying to dig out of.

But the fact is that Crego got what was coming to him – including his sentence and his new spot in the work-release program.

Would anyone want to trade places with the guy? Here’s someone who was a heartbeat away from being the new CEO of the Chester Upland School District.

Now he’s ruined, and left a school district in ruins.

The D.A.’s office and county detectives did an exhaustive investigation. The deal they entered into put Crego behind bars for a year. And it’s not like he’s been released. Under the work-release program, Crego still returns to jail each night.

As much damage as Crego did, it’s important that he not be treated any differently than any other convict. That includes his eligibility for work release.

Judge Barry Dozor actually rejected the first application Crego made for the program because he didn’t like some of the details.

Bottom line? Keith Crego got what he deserved. And he still is.

Granted, that may not make everyone who lives in the district happy, but it is the way our system works.


Anonymous Fran said...

Flip flopper. You made this story what it was. No money stolen and he gets front page continously? Come on Phil, you are better than that. It has to stop.

July 21, 2008 at 8:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man there were "a lot of unhappy people" about Keith Crego getitng work release. How can a paper just write whatever they like and get away with it? You have two posts under your piece and 1 crazy lady that keeps giving quotes. Man, that sounds like a big uproar. Get a life. Front page for someone getting work release, and then a day or two later the paper even says his crimes ver small at best. No wonder you have cost the paper many subscriptions.

July 21, 2008 at 1:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you need to approve these posts. You are an editor to a paper. Freedom of Speech. You are truly as spineless as people have said, and I have heard of the little crush you had on a certain former Superintendent.

July 21, 2008 at 1:34 PM 

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