A lesson in Collingdale

You have to admire Irene Bailey and her family in Collingdale.

They returned home from church recently to find an ugly discovering waiting for them on their usually quiet street.

Someone had carved racist graffiti onto their cars, spray-painted both vehicles and slashed the tires.

Irene Bailey and her family are African-American. They reported the incident to police. It is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

It would be natural for the Bailey family to lash out at such mindless actions.

They’re taking another tack.

Irene Bailey has forgiven the vandals and is urging her family to do likewise.

“I hope they come to their senses and realize people work hard to provide for their families and loved ones and they should take pride in other people’s property,” Irene Bailey said.

Bailey and her husband live in Collingdale with their three children. While they have been taken aback by the racial vandalism – the latest in a string of recent incidents in the county – they also were startled by something else.

They have been overwhelmed by the support and backing they have received since the incident hit the press. People have knocked on their door asking how they can help. One person offered a check for $100.

There are always going to be a few knuckleheads who resort to such hateful acts. The reaction of the Baileys – as well as the way the community rallied around them – reminds us once again the good will always triumph over evil.