The Week from Hell

Remember yesterday when I admitted I like this kind of weather? The hotter, the more humid, the better I like it.

Like living in a sponge? Count me in. I know it’s summer when I can get up in the morning, throw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt, and head out to grab the paper and still be perfectly comfortable.

I think part of me simply longs for the days of my youth. When I was growing up, our house did not have air-conditioning. Our bedrooms were on the second floor. Yes, it used to be stifling. But we never really thought of it. If it got too hot, we simply slept on the floor downstairs or on the porch.

The truth is, I don’t like air-conditioning. I never use it when I’m in the car. When I’m alone, that is. My family is not nearly enamored of this kind of weather as I am. I think it’s because they simply grew up with air-conditioning.

I don’t like it at home. I don’t like it in the office. I am usually the one complaining about how cold it is in the newsroom, and secretly flipping off the A.C. when I get the chance.

So today we will hit Day 7 of our current heat wave. Some might call it the Week from Hell. Literally.

Not me. I’ll simply refer to it as 7th Heaven. Or maybe the heat and humidity have finally fried my brain.