Good, bad news on the crime front

Good news and bad news this morning on the crime front.

First and foremost. There were no reported homicides overnight. Death actually took a day off in the county, after an especially brutal few days that saw a rash of six homicides in Chester and a slaying in Sharon Hill as well.

More good news from Collingdale, where police have made an arrest in the vandalism that targeted the historic Eden Cemetery, final resting spot of many notable African-Americans.

Police say a teen is expected to turn himself in today to face charges in connection with damage to 201 headstones at the historic cemetery.

He is one of three juveniles believed involved to the vandalism spree.

Unfortunately, since he’s under age, he likely will not be exposed to the public shame he so richly deserves.

The bad news? We’ve now hit 11 days since the hit-run accident that took the life of 16-year-old Faith Sinclair.

She was struck and killed as she tried to cross Chester Pike about 10 p.m. on Sunday night Aug. 3.

Police have impounded the car they believe was involved in the accident. They know who owns the black 2000 S-Type Mercedes. They have called him a “person of interest” in the case. No charges have been filed. The owner so far has declined to discuss the situation with authorities.

Police do not know who was driving. All they know is the silence coming from their investigation.

11 days and counting.


Roxanne said…
Dear Mr. Heron:

Thank you for continuing to blog about Faith Sinclair. I appreciate your keeping the plight of Faith and her family in the public eye.