The long, agonizing wait in Sharon Hill

Ten days and counting in Sharon Hill.

It was a week ago last Sunday night that 16-year-old Faith Sinclair tried to cross Chester Pike at Laurel Road. She never made it.

The teen was struck and killed by someone driving a black Mercedes. The driver remains unknown.

Tuesday, just a few days after burying her daughter, Faith Sinclair’s mother went public with an emotional plea. She doesn’t want revenge; she simply wants justice.

Kim Ferrell stood at the intersection where her daughter’s life was snuffed out, just a few steps from the house where she grew up, and asked the driver of the Mercedes to come forward. You can read all the details here.

Ferrell says she knows her daughter has forgiven the driver, and she has as well. But she still needs one thing.

She wants to “let my little girl rest in peace.”

Police have impounded a 2000 black S-type Mercedes that they recovered from a garage in Upper Darby. It was covered with a cloth and the windows of the garage had been blacked out. Police say the damage on the vehicle is consistent with what would be expected from the accident.

The owner of the Mercedes, Lemuel Payne, has been identified by police as a “person of interest” in the case. He has hired an attorney and so far is not talking to police. No charges have been filed in the case.

Ten days and counting. Sinclair’s father, Michael, indicated yesterday he did not want to comment until after the police investigation was completed.

“This ain’t over,” is all he said.

Not by a long shot.


Roxanne said…
Is there nothing we can do?

I am very concerned with the silence of Mr. Payne and his attorney, Mark Much. As Sharon Hill Police Chief Robert Tinsley stated, "But the longer a person fails to come forward, the greater that shadow of doubt gets cast upon them."

I am not saying that Mr. Payne is guilty of vehicular homicide. His furtive activities and silence, however, indicate that he is in possession of information regarding the incident that might prove useful in solving this tragedy.

The Ferrell's deserve some kind of closure and peace. Faith's memory deserves some respect. Is there nothing that can be done? Is there nothing that the media or we, the public, can do? Have you any suggestions? I fear that, in time, this story will disappear into the ether, much as Mr. Lemuel Payne has done. Faith deserves better than that.

Thank you for your time,