Nightmare on I-95

Another trip into the confessional.

Am I the only one who gets a little nervous every time one of those big rigs roars by me on the road?

I always glance at those huge tires, which are right about the level of my face as they blow by, and what might happen should one of them fly off.

That’s the nightmare scenario that unfolded on I-95 in South Philly yesterday.

State police say a wheel and tire flew off a southbound tractor-trailer, careened into the northbound lanes, and slammed into a van.

The driver was killed. His wife, sitting next to him, suffered only minor injuries.

I can’t imagine the horror that unfolded inside that mini-van.

One second Maurizio Bertoli, 64, of Keansburg, N.J., was simply driving home on the interstate. The next he was gone. Just like that.

I wonder if he even saw the wheel coming at him. And if he did if he realized there wasn’t a thing he could do.

The state trooper at the scene said he’s never seen a wheel do that kind of damage to another vehicle.

My guess is we’ll soon forget Bertoli. But not what happened to him.

In fact, I will think about it every time I see a tractor-trailer whizzing down the road.

And I’ll grip the wheel just that much tighter.


Anonymous said…
Sir: The nightmare on I95 omits a glaring unanswered question. The tractor trailer was clearly defective. Who owned the truck? When was the truck inspected last and by whom? Isn't someone going to be held accountable. We would all like to feel safe on the road,but clearly we are not.
Please consider a follow up to this horrible tragedy.
Mrs Bradley
Anonymous said…
Not many will forget Bertoli. He was a well known expert in the granite industry.