The Daily Numbers - Sept. 22

The Daily Numbers: 15,000 expected to jam into the courtyard of the Delaware County Courthouse this afternoon for a rally with the GOP presidential ticket, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

5 hours, how long Springfield Mall was shut down Saturday because of a leak in a sewage pipe that left a stench that sent 3 people to the hospital with minor injuries.

6 different locations where people “rambled” up and down the Delaware River Saturday for the 5th annual Riverfront Ramble.

4 cents a gallon decline in what we’re paying at the pump for gasoline, according to AAA. Average price in the region now is $3.63.

4 straight days the price of gasoline has fallen, as fears over the damage incurred from Hurricane Ike have eased.

1,205 fugitives who turned themselves in at a Philly church over 4 days as part of “Fugitive Safe Surrender.”

6 people, including a casino dealer, being charged with trying to scam the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut.

3 kids killed in a fire that roared through a row home late Saturday in Coatesville.

118 million dollars, how far the revenue collections in the state fallen short.

6 people, including a casino dealer, being charged with trying to scam the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut.

700 billion dollars, the cost of the bailout of the trouble economic markets being proposed by the Bush Administration.

9 sacks for the Eagles defense as they ravaged the Steelers in yesterday’s 15-6 win.

2 field goals, all the offense the Steelers could muster as they never put the ball in the end zone.

1.5 game lead for the Phils, who won yesterday and extended their lead over the Mets in the NL East.

4 the Magic Number for the Phillies. Any number of Phils wins and Mets losses adding up to 4 puts them in the playoffs.

6 games left for the Phils, 3 with the Braves and 3 with the Nationals. All the games will be at Citizens Bank Park.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.
It’s a good morning to be a Philly sports fan. The Eagles defense completely throttled the Steelers. So much for that theory of the superior AFC. And the Phils are now a game and a half up in the NL East. Can you say playoffs?


I Don’t Get It: What ever happened to the idea that less government is better, that they should stay out of our lives. I suppose that’s only for us mortals, not the barons of Wall Street


Today’s Upper: Kudos to our own Tina Fey, the Upper Darby High grad who sparkled at last night’s Emmy Awards, taking a statue for best actress.


Quote Box: “They took it to us tonight. They got after us. That’s the story of this football game.”

-- Steelers coach Mike Tomlin after his team was complete bottled up by the Eagles defense.