Driving home a point

Here’s a shocking finding.

They raised the bridge tolls on the four spans run by the Delaware River Port Authority that connnect Pennsylvania on New Jersey on Sunday.

It now costs $4, up from $3. Next September it is going to go up another buck to $5. If my meager math skills are correct, if you work in one state and live in the other, your weekly commute at that point will set you back a cool $25 a week.

But something interesting happened Monday morning, the first business day after the toll hike went into effect.

A lot fewer people used the bridges. And a lot more migrated to the two bridges up in Burlington County where the toll is just two bucks.

That probably is not going to help the people who use the Commodore Barry to go from Chester to South Jersey and vice versa, but it is something to think about.

Someone once said every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

That lesson might just be “driven” home to the folks at the DRPA.