The face of evil

Even for someone who makes his living with words, it is difficult to describe the evil that is one John Jackey Worman.

The Colwyn man was convicted Wednesday on all 56 counts in a child porn case that prosecutors described as one of the most horrific they have ever encountered.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Rotella referred to Worman as a “monster.” It was an understatement.

Even his own defense attorney described his client’s actions as “despicable.”

I won’t spend any more time here reviewing what Worman was convicted of doing. Suffice it to say it involved literally a million images and thousands of video clips of children being sexually abused.

Worman concocted his child-porn operation with the help of a couple of women, including one who ran a day care operation out of her home. A ready-made pipeline for his debased actions.

But something else about this trial struck me as telling you all you needed to know about Worman and what he clearly was capable of doing.

Jurors in the case were warned by both the prosecution and defense of the graphic nature of what they would be forced to view in the case against Worman.

They were told it would “change their lives.”

Jurors clearly were repulsed by the images involving the children. Many looked away from the video screens in front of them. Longtime prosecutors and law enforcement officials all said they were very difficult to view. Luckily, the press and public were shielded from seeing the images. The jury was not that lucky. One man actually asked for a break during one particular tough session.

In the meantime, at the defense table, Worman was consistently described as steadily staring intently at the images on his screen.

John Jackey Worman now will face child porn charges here in Delaware County. For the federal offenses he faces 30 years in prison for each of the 56 counts lodged against him.

He very likely will spent the rest of his life in jail. It’s not long enough.


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