Forecasting the easy way

Let me try to save you a lot of time and aggravation today when it comes to the weather.

It’s going to be lousy out today. We’re going to get showers off and on all day. Some of them might be heavy. There also will be some gusty winds.

Take the umbrella with you this morning. It’s supposed to clear tomorrow morning.

There, that pretty much covers it. No talk of Nor’easters. I don’t need to stand on the beach and be blown around while waiting to see if some sand is going to be washed away. It very likely will.

It’s going to rain.

And now for the most important aspect of today’s weather. Will the Phillies be able to get in their game tonight at Citizens Bank Park against the Nationals? Good question. It’s kind of like the economic bailout proposal and the presidential debate – still up in the air.

The Mets did get their game in last night, which was a bit surprising.

A rainout tonight will wreak havoc on what is already going to be a fairly harrowing weekend for Phillies’ fans.

And don’t even get me started on what it means in terms of high school football. Let me just offer this. It creates a scheduling nightmare.

All together now, “raindrops keep fallin …. “