One last story from the Worman trial

Maybe now we can begin to put the depravity of the John Jackey Worman child porn trial behind us.

But before we did, I knew there was one more story to tell. It’s on the front page of today’s newspaper.

I had been wondering what it must have been like to sit on that jury, to have to view the thousands of horrific images of children, some really just babies, being sexually abused.

I wanted to be able to tell the jurors’ story. Today, reporter Marlene DiGiacomo tells their saga.

Like much of what was reported in this trial, it’s not easy to read.

“It was like looking at Satan sitting at the table,” is the way one juror explained it.

Another juror offered a similarly chilling view, and told of how arduous a task they were given in looking at the graphic evidence.

“It was excruciatingly difficult – something a sane, normal human being should never have to look at,” said Simon Yachooh. At one point Yachooh asked the judge for a break. “My eyes couldn’t take it any more.”

After Worman was convicted of all 55 of the federal charges against him, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Rotella, herself a mother who was clearly shaken by the trial, referred to him as a “monster.”

Maybe it was an understatement.