Scary words for Eagles fans

Here are the three scariest words in Eagles land today: Day to Day.

That’s how Eagles brass are describing the ankle injury suffered by all-everything running back Brian Westbrook. It didn’t stop him from doing his radio show last night, where he entered a South Jersey nightspot sans crutches and did not appear to be limping, as he clearly was the last time we saw him as he exited Lincoln Financial Field early in the Eagles big win over the Steelers.

Andy Reid said the Eagles are hoping to have Westbrook in the lineup Sunday night when they face another prime time matchup with the Bears in the Windy City.

Don’t buy it. And don’t expect to see Westbrook Sunday night. Ankles are funny things. As are sprains, which some experts say can sometimes be more problematic than outright breaks.

It’s not out of the question that Westbrook could still be in the lineup, but the Eagles will face a very tough question about whether they want to expose their star on an ankle that may not be 100 percent.

On the other hand, as was in evidence Sunday afternoon, the Eagles offense clearly is not the same machine it is when Westbrook is lined up in all those myriad positions. Without that threat, the rest of the Eagles suddenly look a lot less menacing.

Day to day. Scary words.

Very often they turn into week to week. Don’t be surprised if that happens later this week.