Shine on

If you’re not a early-morning creature as I am, you missed a wonder of nature this morning.

After I stumbled down the steps and plodded toward the coffee maker this morning, I was struck by something as I glanced out the front door. I didn’t really think about it until I hit the kitchen and looked out onto the porch. I saw the same thing.

I had to check the clock. I thought maybe I had overslept. It was almost like dusk. You could clearly see things that you don’t normally experience in the dark at that time in the morning.

Then I thought maybe one of the neighbors had left one of their outdoor spotlights on.

Not the case.

I quickly discovered what was offering this surreal experience. A full, pie-in-the-sky moon.

If you missed it, I would highly recommend maybe checking it out tomorrow morning.

Feel free to ignore me if you think it’s just a bit insane to be getting up at that hour.

But if you’re into nature and the wonder of all that is around us. You’ll get a new reverence for a “harvest moon.”