About that informercial

One of my most vociferous critics e-mailed yesterday that in my ranting against Major League Baseball and the way they sell out the fans to TV, I left one villain out.

Barack Obama.

He’s right. They’re re-starting tonight’s suspended Game 5 of the World Series at 8:37 p.m. That’s because the Democrat running for president has purchased a half-hour of time for a political infomercial, starting at 8.

I don’t know if Obama realized he’d be interrupting World Series mania, especially here in the land of unchecked Phillies Phever, but that’s what will happen tonight.

So if you flip on the TV at 8 expecting to see the Fox pre-game show, don’t bother, unless of course you’re interested in what Obama has to say.

He’ll be on all the networks but one. ABC is going with its normal programming.

The truth of the matter is the only thing Obama is interrupting is the pre-game show. Do you really think that Fox would start this game any earlier even if they could? Not for a second.

They would have given us the full half-hour buildup, then gotten around to picking up the game, which will start with the Phils batting in the bottom of the sixth, sometime around 8:30.

Still, point taken. Add Obama to the list of things that are wrong with playing the World Series at these outrageous times, and in these miserable conditions.


Bryan said…
Fox hasn't started a game before 8:30 this World Series and for good reason. The only way they have an opportunity to make back the ridiculous rights fees MLB expects them to pay is to fleece advertisers and then stuff those ads down the consumers throats.

It's why baseball has gone from a 2:30 game into a 3:30+ hour game.

The fans complaining about Obama's commercial can watch the Sixers season opener starting at 6 on Comcast SportsNet, or whatever Dancing with Ugly Grey's Desparate Anatomy spinoff is on Channel 6.