Dems the breaks

I’ve worked at this newspaper for more years than I care to remember.

That means I’ve covered more than my share of elections.

In almost every one of them, the following words have been a staple: The Republican Party, and their overwhelming edge in voter registration in Delaware County.

Not anymore.

I was startled at the numbers coming out of the County Election Bureau this week. You can check it out for yourself here.

The 3-1 voter registration edge the GOP once enjoyed is gone. Democrats continue to closed the gap. They now trail the mighty GOP by just a little more than 18,000.

Democrats added another 6,000 voters just since Oct. 6. Republicans added just 1,200 during the same period.

The scoreboard now looks like this: GOP 46.9 percent, Dems 42.4 percent.

The county has gone Democratic in the last four presidential races. Two years ago 7th District voters showed longterm incumbent GOP Congressman Curt Weldon the door. Republicans continue to dominate locally, especially when it comes to the County Courthouse, where they win everything in sight.

But the numbers show a shift in the county that will be fascinating to watch.

New polls numbers out this morning indicate the crucial Pennsylvania suburbs, once loyal GOP bastions, are tilting toward Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain in the presidential race.

That does not bode well for McCain’s chances of winning the crucial Keystone State. He needs a strong showing in the suburbs to offset what is expected to be a huge margin of victory for Obama in Philadelphia.

But the numbers say the GOP might not have the numbers to deliver that kind of win anymore.

Democrats flexing muscle in Delaware County? Who’d a thunk it.


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