A little frost on the pumpkin

Winter arrived this morning.

I know what the calendar says. I know that officially there are still two months before winter checks in on Dec. 21. Don’t believe them.

Winter got here this morning.

How do I know this? For the first time since last spring, I was forced to dig through my trunk this morning looking for the windshield scraper.

That’s right. I had a job to do before I was able to jump in the car and start the morning commute. First I had to scrape a fairly heavy frost off the windshield. While I was scraping the windshield, something else occurred to me.

It was cold out. Really cold. Probably about time to give up the last ghost of summer and break out the winter coat.

On second thought, maybe that can wait. I’m an endless summer kind of guy.

Even when my chattering teeth are telling me otherwise.