One week and counting

Times like these call for a little perspective. Then again, when you haven’t won a world championship, perspective tends to go out the window.

However, lest we forget, one week from tomorrow something fairly important is going to happen, and it has nothing to do with the Phillies.

At least I don’t think it does. Unless they decide to hold the parade then. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to talk about such things.

Next Tuesday we hopefully will have recovered from the party to get down to the serious business of electing a new president.

This week we are getting a calling card, a reminder of the crucial role of the Pennsylvania suburbs, on Tuesday. Sen. Barack Obama is planning a rally at Widener University in Chester. The Democratic nominee will speak at the Main Quad at 10 a.m.

Tonight Obama will be in Pittsburgh.

The Republican tandem of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah palin also will be in the state this week. McCain is doing a rally in the Pottsville School District today. He’ll join Palin for a rally in Hershey on Tuesday. Palin also will be in Shippensburg Tuesday afternoon and will do a second rally Tuesday night at Penn State’s main campus in State College.

Of course, they have already done a huge town meeting here in Delaware County in the courtyard of the county courthouse.

All of which points to the crucial role of Pennsylvania, and within that the key role of the Philadelphia suburbs, in the vote. There is still a belief that Pennsylvania could tip the election, and the Philly suburbs could tip the state vote. The belief is that McCain must attract enough votes in the suburbs to offset the huge edge Obama is expected to roll up in Philadelphia.

Polls done over the weekend see the race as getting closer, at least on the national level.

The latest poll of swing states done by Quinnipiac University continues to show Obama with a 13-point lead in Pennsylvania. But a Big Ten Battlegrond Poll showed a tighter race, with Obama up by 10 points.

Republican strategists continue to believe Pennsylvania is the key to a McCain win. Many can not see him capturing the White House without winning the Keystone State.

Get used to seeing a lot of the candidates over the next eight days.

Better buckle your seat belt, too. It might be a bumpy ride.