One win to go

Fifteen years. That’s how long we have waited for the Phillies to return to the Promised Land.

It was back in 1993 that a group of grungy throwbacks captured our hearts, toppled the mighty Braves, and advanced to a World Series.

The temptation to look ahead is great. There is also great danger in doing so.

It is said the city’s sports franchises operate under a curse. Believers say that allowing the city’s skyline to tower above the hat of Billy Penn atop City Hall prevents us from winning another world championship. The last time we did so was when the Sixers won in 1983. That’s 25 years, a quarter century.

Now we stand one win away from competing on baseball’s grand stage one more time.

But that’s the key. We’re not there yet. We need to beat the Dodgers one more time. To do that, the Phillies will send their young ace to the mound in L.A. tonight to smite the Dodgers. He will be opposed by Chad Billingsley.

First pitch is at 8:22. If sometime around midnight you non-sports fans are awakened by a cacophony of voices, yelling, screaming, and banging of pots and pans, do not call police.

That is the sound of a city of winners. Count the minutes. Paint the town red.

But don’t celebrate too early. There’s one more win to go.