Sestak vs. Williams

Here’s my daily non-Phillies item. Yes, there is another world out there. We call it the real world. It’s a world that, while it cares if the Phillies win, it does not treat it as life and death.

For those, and for political junkies crazed with the final week of the campaign, there is this.

Craig Williams and Joe Sestak will finally stand on the same stage this morning.

The Republican Williams is challenging the first-term incumbent Democratic congressman, the man who stunned the local GOP two years ago by beating one of their icons, 20-year incumbent Curt Weldon.

The two-hour event is being hosted by the League of Women Voters from 10 to noon at the at the Lang Performing Arts Center on the Swarthmore College campus.

For Republicans, this is a view they’re unaccustomed to, that of the challenger, and the underdog. They’ve adopted the tactics once heard in this district from Democrats, urging a series of debates.

And Sestak has reacted the way the Republicans often once viewed those very same kinds of challenges. He largely ignored them.

Republicans say he’s been ducking them. Democrats remind them that’s exactly what the GOP did for years.

But in the last memorable 7th District donnybrook, Weldon did offer Sestak two debates, held well in advance of election day. Republicans also are steamed that Sestak has held them at bay until just a few days before voters head to the polls.

Today they go mano a mano. After they scrambled to find a candidate to challenge Sestak, the GOP struck gold with Williams. Anyone unfamiliar with him will quickly learn that today.

He’s bright, articulate, and rock solid on the issues.

Let the debate begin.


steve mcdonald said…
Almighty Heron,

I inquired over at Spencerblog whether or not the Sestak/williams debate will be available via video on's front page. You did the same last year with the county council debates, and I found it to be a great tool that helped me make my election day decisions . Are there any plans to do the same for Sestak/Williams?
Heron's Nest said…

I wish we could have done video from the debate, but we were unable to get a shooter over there. We will have full story tomorrow and Gil also is planning to blog.
Glad to hear you were able to use the video from the council debates last time around.
That's the whole idea, more information to make better decisions.
By the way, I'm not sure I would go so far as to say 'Almighty.'
Boss usually suffices around the office