Seven down, five to go

Make it seven down, five to go.

Police in Chester continue to whittle away at their Most Wanted List. What was once 12 dangerous suspects on the lam is now just five.

The latest suspect to be corraled is Edgardo Gutierriez Jr. He’s also known as “Macho.”

“Macho” was wanted on charges connected to the murder of 19-year-old John “White Pork” Strand.

Police and Philadelphia SWAT team members caught up with Gutierrez. Authorities say it was an anonymous tip that led officers to the apartment in the 1500 block of Levick Street where Gutierrez was holed up.

I hope that the person who dimed out Gutierrez did so after recognizing his picture in the newspaper.

We have joined with community groups and Chester police to push the Most Wanted list, getting the suspects faces out there for the public to see in hopes that someone will come forward with information on the suspects.

Chester police tell us much of the information they have been getting is from people who have seen the pictures in the newspaper.

That’s seven down, five to go.

The faces of the five still at large appear once again on today’s front page of the print product. Make sure you pick one up. Take a close look at the five men. If you recognize any of them and have information on where they may be hiding out, call police and let them know.

The streets of Chester and in fact the entire region get a little safer every time one of these guys gets locked up.

And to those five suspects: Stop looking over your shoulder. Turn yourself in. Police are not going to go away. They will hunt you down.

And when these five are under arrest, maybe police will compile another list and start the process all over again.