The McNabb soap opera

The Donovan McNabb saga continues unabated.

Remember the much anticipated meeting that had everyone in Eagle-ville holding their breath, wondering when exactly McNabb and the Eagles’ brass were going to sit down?

It may have already happened.

This despite comments from Andy Reid, who sat down at the NFL Combine with two reporters and certainly gave every indication that no such meeting had yet taken place.

Last night ESPN chimed in with a report that McNabb and his agent Fletcher Smith in fact went face-to-face with Reid and Eagles Presdient Joe Banner last week.

Which if true says a lot about Reid, what he thinks of the media, and the fans who read what is reported in newspapers. The same goes for Smith, who also flatly denied any such talks with the Eagles had yet occurred, maintaining, however, that he was looking forward to the meeting.

Now no one is talking. They don’t have to. All is not well in Eagle-ville. Especially the part about No. 5 and his future as the team’s starting quarterback.

There is a new wrinkle in all this. McNabb apparently now is pushing for “more weapons” in his offensive arsenal.

I’m not buying. McNabb is 32. He is under contract for two more years.

The QB wants a new deal, and he wants more money. The last time he signed on the dotted line with the Eagles, he hit the jackpot, collecting $120 million.

The Eagles now have to mull over the future of the franchise, how much longer they want to stick with McNabb, and when – or maybe if – the Kevin Kolb era will begin. They may not be all that thrilled about the prospect of a lengthy extension with McNabb.

Now McNabb is saying he might not be all that enthused about reporting to camp if the Eagles don’t significantly improve the offense that surrounds him.

Would McNabb really hold out?

This team needs McNabb – or an equivalent – as its starting quarterback next year. Kevin Kolb has shown nothing to indicate he is ready to step in as the starter. At least not yet.

So here the Eagles and McNabb sit. Maybe this will all blow over. Then again it just might blow up.

And one other odd element about this entire scenario. Wasn’t there a wide receiver in this town just a couple of years ago that wanted to rework his deal? The team got its back up and watched as an entire season imploded. Caught in the crossfire back then was a quarterback named Donovan McNabb, who declined to get involved and support his top weapon, a guy named Terrell Owens.

Wonder if Donovan is expecting his teammates to stand behind him as he and the Eagles stare down the barrel of a sequel?


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