About those Springfield kids & teachers

UPDATE: This fundraiser managed to raise $110,336.85 cents for cancer
research. That is not a misprint. The students and staff at Springfield High raised more than $110,000.

May hat is off to them!


This newspaper has had its issues with the good folks in the Springfield School District recently.

Specifically, a lot of teachers did not like the way we characterized their position in ongoing contract negotiations with the school district.

I wrote about it in my Monday column. You can read it here.

So I was more than happy to get a call from a woman yesterday to inform me of something that happened at the high school. While I was glad to hear about it, I was chagrined when she noted that it did not get any coverage from the newspaper. And she then offered a familiar complaint. It’s easy for kids to get in the newspaper. All they have to do is something wrong.

She was right.

The event was the high school’s annual dance marathon that was held Friday night into Saturday to raise money for charity. Specifically, kids are on their feet all night dancing to help the Four Diamonds Fund, which raises money for kids battling Pediatric Cancer.

The kids raised thousands of dollars. I asked the woman to send me some information so we can do a story on their efforts. We run a page every Saturday we refer to as Good News and this certainly seems like a perfect candidate.

And yes, I’m informed many teachers also take part in the fundraiser.

As someone who posted a comment on my column pointed out, “Did you see what the kids at Springfield High did this last weekend? The word ‘greedy’ can never be used when talking about Springfield teachers or students. Success like this takes a lot of work. It is just one of those things teachers do with students above and beyond 'education’ that teaches children true lessons about life. How much is that teacher’s time worth?"”

Point taken.


Anonymous said…
We welcome you to come to the school's annual Celebration of the Arts on Thursday, May 21 from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. Maybe by visiting us in action your views about us will be changed permanently. It is a great night, attended by thousands of people...hope you'll be one of them.
Anonymous said…
If you missed the COTA at Springfield High School on May 21, it was your loss. It was great to see all the contributions from so many students. It is held every year, so maybe you can catch the boat next year. Amazing work! Kudos to students and teachers.