Pizza? No news ain't good news in Chester

They have the beginnings of a stadium (or at least some pilings in the ground), but they don’t have a name.

They have rabid fans called the Sons of Ben, but they do not have official colors or a logo.

Relax, pro soccer fans. You now have an official pizza.

Keystone Sports & Entertainment, the people who will be bringing Major League Soccer to Chester, have entered into a deal with Seasons Pizza of Wilmington, Del., to be the official pizza at the stadium under construction in the shadow of the Commodore Barry Bridge.

The pizza folks will get concession stands, along with signage in the stadium.

Don’t know how familiar these folks are with the Sons of Ben. The soccer zealots are getting increasingly antsy about the lack of news coming about the franchise that is supposed to start play less than a year from now.

You’d think the least they could do is announce the stadium’s official beer to wash down that pizza.


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