Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hate in America

You like to think that we are past the kind of blind hate that too often has been a part of this proud country’s history.

Then another incident occurs that leaves you shaking your head and wondering about all the “progress” we’ve made.

A man opened fire at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in downtown Washington, D.C., just a stone’s throw from the White House, yesterday afternoon. A long-time, beloved security guard was killed. The suspect was wounded when other guards returned fire. He is hospitalized in critical condition.

A quick check on the suspect turned up the kind of hate we like to think no longer exists in this country.

James W. von Brunn is an avowed white supremacist. His Web site is full of anti-Semitic writings. He urges the creation of something called the “Holy Western Empire.”

Von Brunn did 11 years in prison for a plot he took part in trying to take over Federal Reserve.

This country no doubt has come a long way when it comes to racism and civil rights. Somebody like von Brunn just proves how far we still have to go.


Anonymous robert lynch said...

good item sorry to say you are soon no matter what his color is can not get along with each others we are supose to be brothers but we aren't there is too much hate in man for the most part just look at the facts if a black family moves into an all white street signs go up but also if in reverse the same thing will happen no matter what color if u'r not of the same thing happen keep reporting the way you do I likeyour words they tell it like it is

June 11, 2009 at 7:57 AM 

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