The feel & sound of summer

Stick your head outside this morning. Feel that? That’s called summer.

The air’s getting a little thicker. Your clothes stick to your body.
Some people might actually be moved to flip on the air-conditioner later today.

Not me. That doesn’t’t mean the air won’t be on in my house. I just won’t be sitting in it. I’ll be safely tucked away on my screened-in porch, enthralled with the sounds – and feel - of summer.

That, of course means baseball.

The weather’s not the only thing heating up. The Phils get back to business tonight. They will kick off a four-game set in Florida against the team in their rear-view mirror. The Marlins now trail the Phils by four games.

By the end of the weekend, the Phils may either have blown open the race, seen their lead disappear, or somewhere in between.

And I plan to catch as much of the action on radio as I can. You can have the TV. And the air-conditioning. I will be on the porch, with the sounds of baseball on the radio in my ear.

And a smile on my face.