Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let Michael Vick go back to work

This one might surprise you.

Let Michael Vick go back to work.

That does not mean I don’t think what he did – bankrolling a dog-fighting operation – was reprehensible.

But he paid his debt. His livelihood, as a quarterback in the National Football League, was taken away from him. He spent time in prison.

Now he’s out. Yesterday the NFL agreed to allow him to be reinstated, although he likely won’t be available until several games into the regular season. But he could sign with a team, go to camp and get ready for the season.

The key question now is whether a team will roll the public relations dice and sign the poster boy for bad behavior by pro athletes.

Maybe not now, but I have no doubt Vick will be back in the league.

Club owners may speak harshly about Vick and how they want no part of him. For now.

Most of them are exactly one crumpled knee – that being attached to their starting quarterback – from singing a different tune.

Expect to see Vick back in the NFL this year.


Blogger g0lfer059 said...

This guy should be banned from making millions , he should be banned from any type of appearance in front of children , there is no reason to have someone who was TAKING DOGS BY THEIR LEGS AND SLAMING THEM INTO THE GROUND TO KILL THEM , I think you fell out of your HERONS NEST and landed not quite hard enough on your head sir.

July 30, 2009 at 4:13 PM 

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